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Hector el Father 6/17/2008


In addition to three versions of the new single "Te Vi Llorar," Mi Trayectoria compiles a dozen of Hector el Father's career highlights, most of which had been scattered across an assortment of various-artists collections dating back to 2004-2005. Mi Trayectoria begins with the standard reggaetón version of "Te Vi Llorar" (salsa and bachata versions are tacked on at the finale of the compilation) before advancing to "Sola," the chart-topping smash hit from Hector el Father's solo debut album, The Bad Boy (2006). The subsequent songs are culled from an assortment of various-artists collections, some of which were "presented" by Hector el Father (or, as he was formerly known, Hector el Bambino), including Los Anormales (2004), Sangre Nueva (2005), and Gold Star Music: Reggaeton Hits (2005). Though some of the songs compiled on Mi Trayectoria seem randomly chosen, overall it's a useful odds-and-ends collection for completists who want to hear some of Hector el Father's hard-to-find output such as "Esta Noche de Travesura" (from DJ Nelson's La Discoteka [2004]), "Calor" (from the various-artists collection MVP, Vol. 2: The Grand Slam [2005]), or "Vamos a Matarnos en la Raya" (from the various-artists collection Megaton: The World's Biggest Reggaeton Hits [2005]). On the other hand, anyone expecting a greatest-hits album might be disappointed by Mi Trayectoria, since, with the exception of "Sola," Hector el Father was never much of a hitmaker. In fact, he was never much of an album-maker either, as prior to this compilation he'd released only one full-length solo album -- that is, as opposed to roughly a half-dozen various-artists collections he'd executive produced (i.e., "presented"). All in all, considering the irregularity of Hector el Father's discography, Mi Trayectoria is a welcome addition to his catalog, giving fans the chance to hear in one sitting a variety of his output, much of it very good if not especially well known. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Te Vi Llorar Hector el Father 3:36
  3. 2 Sola Hector el Father 2:52
  4. 3 Esta Noche de Travesura Hector el Father 3:28
  5. 4 Calor Hector el Father 4:5
  6. 5 Dejale Caer To'el Peso Hector el Father 4:8
  7. 6 Tu Quieres Duro Hector el Father 3:36
  8. 7 No Hay Nadie Hector el Father 4:25
  9. 8 Dale Castigo Luny Tunes 4:7
  10. 9 Tu y Yo Mirandonos Hector el Father 3:14
  11. 10 Noche de Terror Hector el Father 3:29
  12. 11 Te Encontre Hector el Father 2:58
  13. 12 Vamos a Matarnos en La Raya Hector el Father 3:20
  14. 13 Vamos Pa'La Calle Hector el Father 4:31
  15. 14 Te Vi Llorar [Salsa Version] Hector el Father 4:23
  16. 15 Te Vi Llorar [Bachata Version] Hector el Father 3:39

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