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Measure for Measure [Bonus Tracks]

Icehouse 8/27/2002


Based on the principles of balance, Measure for Measure is half-produced by David Lord, half by Rhett Davies. American and European editions benefit from a better track list, which opens with the Davies-produced "No Promises." A little too close to Bowie and Metheny's "This Is Not America," perhaps, but very nice all the same. "Cross the Border" resembles and continues the close relationship with Simple Minds, and features a strong Brian Eno back vocal motif. Another of the RD-produced pieces, "The Flame," although about the struggles in South Africa, opens with a watery, orient-like synth treatment before a strong beat, courtesy of Steve Jansen, and a Talk Talk-sounding synth take charge. Newer realms are visited by Spanish guitar on "Angel Street," but the Bowie references can't be shaken, with much of the later part relying on squally glam rock ("Regular Boys" and the career-reviving "Baby You're So Strange"). Had the color of bonus CD cuts "Too Late Now" (a definitive Icehouse sound) and "Into the Wild" been included, how different things might have been. A few blocks up from the bland Sidewalk but a few buildings short of Man of Colours. ~ Kelvin Hayes
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Paradise Icehouse 4:42
  3. 2 No Promises Icehouse 4:35
  4. 3 Mr. Big Icehouse 3:30
  5. 4 Angel Street Icehouse 4:42
  6. 5 The Flame Icehouse 5:5
  7. 6 Regular Boys Icehouse 3:29
  8. 7 Cross the Border Icehouse 4:21
  9. 8 Spanish Gold Icehouse 4:14
  10. 9 Lucky Me Icehouse 4:38
  11. 10 Baby, You're So Strange Icehouse 3:57
  12. 11 Too Late Now Icehouse 3:7
  13. 12 Into the Wild Icehouse 4:49
  14. 13 Just a Word Icehouse 4:22
  15. 14 The Perfect Crime Icehouse 3:36
  16. 15 The Flame Icehouse 5:52
  17. 16 No Promises Icehouse 5:21
  18. 17 Sister Icehouse 3:43

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