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Love Is a Four Letter Word [Deluxe Edition]

Jason Mraz 4/16/2012


Underneath his tongue-twisting wordplay, Jason Mraz fancies himself a loverman -- and given that his greatest success came from the sticky sentiment of "I'm Yours," who can blame him for thinking this way? Nevertheless, he's never made a full-blown makeout record until Love Is a Four Letter Word, an album steeped in '70s soul. Mraz doesn't neglect his acoustic guitar nor does he abandon his showy verbal gymnastics, but apart from a cut or two -- including "I Won't Give Up," the album's first single -- they're buried underneath stacks of luxurious strings and thick, insistent grooves, touches that tie the record together with elegance. Mr. A-Z has hinted at soul before but he's never placed music over words, a shift of emphasis that delivers great dividends. He can still be a nasally, hyperactive twit, too eager to succumb to clever-clever puns and quips, but there's an acknowledgment that even if he can't change who he is -- witness the terribly titled "Fred D Fixer," an ode to a grandfather who lived by his hands, not his wits -- he can build upon this foundation. If all he adds is color and flair, not some serious depth, that winds up being enough: by making alterations and affecting his pose, Mraz pushes himself into new territory, creating music that's perilously close to sounding seductive. What holds Love Is a Four Letter Word from actually being seductive is that Mraz seems more lech than Lothario -- there's always a sense that he's around for nothing longer than a night. But, as Love Is a Four Letter Word plays, Mraz can convince you that his pleasures are a bit more than fleeting. It may be a lie, but it sure sounds good as it's told. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Freedom Song Jason Mraz 3:56
  3. 2 Living in the Moment Jason Mraz 3:52
  4. 3 The Woman I Love Jason Mraz 3:16
  5. 4 I Won't Give Up Jason Mraz 4:0
  6. 5 5/6 Jason Mraz 5:57
  7. 6 Everything Is Sound Jason Mraz 4:46
  8. 7 93 Million Miles Jason Mraz 3:36
  9. 8 Frank D. Fixer Jason Mraz 4:45
  10. 9 Who's Thinking About You Now? Jason Mraz 4:48
  11. 10 In Your Hands Jason Mraz 4:50
  12. 11 Be Honest Jason Mraz 3:22
  13. 12 The World as I See It Jason Mraz 8:32
  14. 13 Hidden Track Jason Mraz 4:28
  15. 13 [CD-ROM Track][Multimedia Track] Jason Mraz null:null
  16. 14 I Won't Give Up (Demo) Jason Mraz 5:15
  17. 16 You Fckn Did It (Live) Jason Mraz 5:3
  18. 18 I Never Knew You (Live [EP Version]) Jason Mraz 8:54
  19. 1 I Won't Give Up [Demo Version] Jason Mraz 5:17
  20. 2 The World as I See It [Live] Jason Mraz 8:36
  21. 3 You Fckn Did It [Live] Jason Mraz 5:7
  22. 4 The Woman I Love [Live] Jason Mraz 3:22
  23. 5 I Never Knew You [Live] Jason Mraz 8:57
  24. 6 I Won't Give Up [Video] Jason Mraz null:null

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