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We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things [2CD/DVD]

Jason Mraz 11/18/2008


Obsessed with carnality as he is, it was only a matter of time before Jason Mraz realized that it's better to sound sexy than to blather about it incessantly. This monumental moment arrives on his third album, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things, easily his sleekest collection of sounds and his only album to contain a suggestion of seduction within its grooves. Actually, We Sing is Mraz's only album to actually groove, as he sets down his acoustic guitar for much of the album and rides along on smooth rhythms partially indebted to '80s blue-eyed soul by Hall & Oates and Steve Winwood -- in that sense, the album recalls John Mayer's Continuum -- but he relies more heavily on Thriller, mixing it up with some modern neo-soul that gives this a surprisingly soulful sound. Mraz can glide on these surfaces, leaning on the gentle art of insinuation instead of goosing his paramour, but old habits die hard: it's only a matter of time before he punctures the seduction by scatting sophomorically, slipping in juvenile come-ons ("You make my slacks tight"), or stuttering manic syncopations on "The Dynamo of Volition." Mraz is also prone to terminal cuteness, drafting in a kids chorus to close out the coda of "Coyotes" and mewling out phrases like "always a goody doer," and while these are often so close-miked and forthright they're hard to ignore, they're also just not as prevalent as they were on the icky Mr. A-Z. Also, they're cleverly camouflaged beneath that gossamer gloss, typified by the quite catchy "Butterfly," whose Quincy Jones-styled horns disguise his mildly queasy oral sex puns. Mraz's lyrics don't stand up to such close scrutiny -- something the McCartney-esque, perhaps autobiographical divorce ballad "Love for a Child" ("Was it my mom who put dad out on his ass/Or the other way around") makes plain -- but the nice thing about the soulful shimmer of We Sing is that it's so slick that it's easy to ignore the gibberish spilling out of Mraz's mouth and just enjoy the sunny, easy sound. [Atlantic issued a bonus-laden, two-CD + DVD edition in 2008.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Make It Mine Jason Mraz 3:5
  3. 2 I'm Yours Jason Mraz 4:0
  4. 3 Lucky Jason Mraz 3:8
  5. 4 Butterfly Jason Mraz 4:58
  6. 5 Live High Jason Mraz 4:11
  7. 6 Love for a Child Jason Mraz 4:3
  8. 7 Details in the Fabric Jason Mraz 5:46
  9. 8 Coyotes Jason Mraz 3:37
  10. 9 Only Human Jason Mraz 4:1
  11. 10 The Dynamo of Volition Jason Mraz 3:37
  12. 11 If It Kills Me Jason Mraz 4:29
  13. 12 A Beautiful Mess Jason Mraz 5:36
  14. 1 I'm Yours Jason Mraz 4:44
  15. 2 Live High Jason Mraz 3:59
  16. 3 If It Kills Me Jason Mraz 4:57
  17. 4 A Beautiful Mess Jason Mraz 5:12
  18. 5 Make It Mine Jason Mraz 3:22
  19. 6 Butterfly Jason Mraz 5:8
  20. 7 Only Human Jason Mraz 4:44
  21. 8 The Dynamo of Volition Jason Mraz 4:22
  22. 9 Love for a Child Jason Mraz 3:48
  23. 10 Coyotes Jason Mraz 4:16
  24. 11 Man Gave Names to All the Animals Jason Mraz 4:14
  25. 12 Mudhouse/Gypsy MC Jason Mraz 6:59
  26. 1 Plane Jason Mraz null:null
  27. 2 Make It Mine Jason Mraz null:null
  28. 3 Geek in the Pink [DVD] Jason Mraz null:null
  29. 4 Dramatica Mujer [Not So Usual] Jason Mraz null:null
  30. 5 The Dynamo of Volition Jason Mraz null:null
  31. 6 A Beautiful Mess [DVD] Jason Mraz null:null
  32. 7 If It Kills Me Jason Mraz null:null
  33. 8 The Remedy (I Won't Worry) Jason Mraz null:null
  34. 9 1000 Things Jason Mraz null:null
  35. 10 Live High Jason Mraz null:null
  36. 11 Only Human Jason Mraz null:null
  37. 12 Butterfly Jason Mraz null:null
  38. 13 I'm Yours Jason Mraz null:null
  39. 14 No Stopping Us Jason Mraz null:null
  40. 15 Fall Through Glass Jason Mraz null:null
  41. 16 Outro Jason Mraz null:null
  42. 17 Here We Are: A Mraz Documentary Jason Mraz null:null
  43. 18 A Thousand Things: Book Preview Jason Mraz null:null

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