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Death Race for Love

Juice WRLD 3/8/2019


Chicago rapper Juice WRLD quickly got swept into the emo-rap designation when his 2018 studio debut, Goodbye & Good Riddance, showed up with a richly produced collection of songs about breakups, betrayal, and numbing the pain. Despite a limited emotional range, the album highlighted Juice WRLD's musical dexterity, offering darkly dreamy melodies and druggy textures in complex arrangements that pushed aside standard commercial rap boundaries. Second album Death Race for Love continues this hybrid of lush sonics and desperate feelings. Considerably longer than its predecessor with 22 tracks clocking in at over an hour, the predominant theme remains illuminating different angles of agony. "Empty" opens the album with tortured verses over sweet piano loops, and the hooky "Robbery" starts with Juice WRLD drinking strong liquor before scream-crying lyrics about getting his heart handed to him in a paper bag. Pain turns to anger quickly on "Syphilis," with threatening verses yelled through a filter of distortion. Moods shift quickly, going from this overblown track into the syrupy acoustic guitars of "Who Shot Cupid?" and then directly into the almost pop rock tones of "Ring Ring." A Young Thug feature on the bouncing "ON GOD" starts to illuminate the two faces of Death Race for Love. There's the devastated outcry of heartbroken songs like the Daniel Caesar-sampling "10 Feet" and the dark swagger of ominous bangers like "Out My Way." ~ Fred Thomas
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Empty Juice WRLD 4:7
  3. 2 Maze Juice WRLD 2:24
  4. 3 HeMotions Juice WRLD 3:6
  5. 4 Demonz Juice WRLD 1:34
  6. 5 Fast Juice WRLD 3:25
  7. 6 Hear Me Calling Juice WRLD 3:9
  8. 7 Big Juice WRLD 3:43
  9. 8 Robbery Juice WRLD 4:0
  10. 9 Flaws and Sins Juice WRLD 3:37
  11. 10 Feeling Juice WRLD 3:20
  12. 11 Syphilis Juice WRLD 2:11
  13. 12 Who Shot Cupid? Juice WRLD 3:33
  14. 13 Ring Ring Juice WRLD 2:51
  15. 14 Desire Juice WRLD 3:7
  16. 15 Out My Way Juice WRLD 2:35
  17. 16 The Bees Knees Juice WRLD 5:24
  18. 17 On God Juice WRLD 4:10
  19. 18 10 Feet Juice WRLD 3:33
  20. 19 Won't Let Go Juice WRLD 3:19
  21. 20 She's the One Juice WRLD 3:7
  22. 21 Rider Juice WRLD 3:12
  23. 22 Make Believe Juice WRLD 2:19

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