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Kidz Bop 2


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KIDZ BOP Kids 8/20/2002


Kidz Bop, Vol. 2 is another edition of the singalong series that combines light cover versions of mainstream pop songs with a chorus of singing children. Like the first version, this alternates between pleasantly appropriate material and songs that are jarringly changed around in an attempt to make them more child-friendly. Still, tracks like "Get This Party Started" retain many of the veiled sexual themes that drove the original versions, and the awful reworked take of "I'm Real" shouldn't have been included at all, even if they changed the dirty words. A lot of the songs here are perfectly fine, but the songs that aren't may cause parents to give second thoughts to buying Kidz Bop, Vol. 2. ~ Bradley Torreano
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Kryptonite KIDZ BOP Kids 3:51
  3. 2 Get the Party Started KIDZ BOP Kids 3:13
  4. 3 Survivor KIDZ BOP Kids 4:4
  5. 4 Hanging by a Moment KIDZ BOP Kids 3:28
  6. 5 U Remind Me KIDZ BOP Kids 4:6
  7. 6 Turn off the Light KIDZ BOP Kids 4:22
  8. 7 I'm Real KIDZ BOP Kids 4:12
  9. 8 Can't Get You out of My Head KIDZ BOP Kids 3:57
  10. 9 Follow Me KIDZ BOP Kids 3:34
  11. 10 Try Again KIDZ BOP Kids 4:46
  12. 11 I'm a Believer KIDZ BOP Kids 2:59
  13. 12 Hero KIDZ BOP Kids 4:24
  14. 13 Everywhere KIDZ BOP Kids 3:35
  15. 14 It's Gonna Be Me KIDZ BOP Kids 3:10
  16. 15 Crazy for This Girl KIDZ BOP Kids 3:19
  17. 16 Come on Over Baby KIDZ BOP Kids 3:21
  18. 17 Fallin' KIDZ BOP Kids 3:14
  19. 18 He Loves U Not KIDZ BOP Kids 3:47

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