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Kidz Bop, Vol. 8 [Bonus Track]

KIDZ BOP Kids 8/2/2005


Like a version of Now That's What I Call Music overrun by children, the unstoppable Kidz Bop series features youngsters singing pop hits while backed by adult musicians and vocalists. On Kidz Bop, Vol. 8 the kids get particularly rambunctious on U2's surging "Vertigo" and, oddly enough, Franz Ferdinand's post-punk single "Take Me Out," which features enthusiastic shouting at random intervals. For other tracks, the Kidz Bop crew mellows out a bit, most notably on the Frankie J slow jam "Obsession (No Es Amor)" and Gwen Stefani's shuffling "Rich Girl," while Avril Lavigne's "Nobody's Home" allows the ensemble to take on a sad yet soaring power ballad. For those who thought that the Kidz Bop collections were a passing fad, 2005's Kidz Bop, Vol.8 shows that these pint-sized vocalists have serious staying power.
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Since U Been Gone KIDZ BOP Kids 3:7
  3. 2 I Don't Want to Be KIDZ BOP Kids 3:32
  4. 3 Obsession (No Es Amor) KIDZ BOP Kids 3:43
  5. 4 Boulevard of Broken Dreams KIDZ BOP Kids 4:18
  6. 5 Caught Up KIDZ BOP Kids 3:43
  7. 6 Rich Girl KIDZ BOP Kids 3:58
  8. 7 Let Me Love You KIDZ BOP Kids 3:46
  9. 8 Vertigo KIDZ BOP Kids 3:9
  10. 9 1, 2 Step KIDZ BOP Kids 3:20
  11. 10 Lonely No More KIDZ BOP Kids 3:24
  12. 11 Over and Over KIDZ BOP Kids 4:11
  13. 12 Nobody's Home KIDZ BOP Kids 3:31
  14. 13 Incomplete KIDZ BOP Kids 3:53
  15. 14 1 Thing KIDZ BOP Kids 3:56
  16. 15 True KIDZ BOP Kids 3:22
  17. 16 Let Me Go KIDZ BOP Kids 3:50
  18. 17 Karma KIDZ BOP Kids 4:15
  19. 18 Take Me Out KIDZ BOP Kids 3:56

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