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Linkin Park 11/18/2003


Live in Texas features material recorded during Linkin Park's Summer Sanitarium jaunt in 2003. It draws equally from the band's two studio albums, including past hits from Hybrid Theory and some soon-to-be's from the 2003 follow-up, Meteora. This makes it essential for any LP completist, but the casual listener might do well to steer toward the studio material. Vocalist Chester Bennington and MC Mike Shinoda play off of each other well enough, and their supporting players deftly recreate the layered, processed sound that has come to define Linkin Park. But this also works against the band, because their cool professionalism makes Live in Texas sound somewhat sterile. Sure, there's the usual stage chatter like "I wanna see your hands!" and "Alright, let's do this people!" -- there's even an encouraging pep talk before "Pushing Me Away," dedicating the track to "all the musicians in the house." But besides some impressive harmonies on that cut, as well as the undeniable closing trio of "Crawling" (in lean and mean, stripped-down form), "In the End," and "One Step Closer," Linkin Park doesn't generate very much energy on Live. Bennington seems to struggle with the melody to "Somewhere I Belong," and at times the band seems lost inside its own sound. The buzzing, processed guitars separate from the percussion while the samples and vague turntablist scratches seem like a studio loop on reset. This kind of nitpicking shouldn't matter to LP fanatics; Live in Texas will likely serve as a their memento of the tour. But it's clear that top shelf production and mixing plays a significant role in making Linkin Park's albums so powerful. As a final comment on the record's sanitized feel, a random F-word from Shinoda is edited out of the final, fading cheers. [Limited versions of the album came with a bonus CD featuring additional music and video footage.] ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park 3:38
  3. 2 Lying from You Linkin Park 3:8
  4. 3 Papercut Linkin Park 3:6
  5. 4 Points of Authority Linkin Park 3:25
  6. 5 Runaway Linkin Park 3:11
  7. 6 Faint Linkin Park 2:47
  8. 7 From the Inside Linkin Park 3:4
  9. 8 P5hng Me A*wy Linkin Park 5:5
  10. 9 Numb Linkin Park 3:7
  11. 10 Crawling Linkin Park 3:34
  12. 11 In the End Linkin Park 3:32
  13. 12 One Step Closer Linkin Park 4:10
  14. 1 Don't Stay [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  15. 2 Somewhere I Belong [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  16. 3 Lying from You [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  17. 4 Papercut [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  18. 5 Points of Authority [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  19. 6 Runaway Linkin Park null:null
  20. 7 Faint Linkin Park null:null
  21. 8 From the Inside [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  22. 9 Figure.09 [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  23. 10 With You [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  24. 11 By Myself [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  25. 12 P5hng Me A*wy [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  26. 13 Numb [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  27. 14 Crawling [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  28. 15 In the End [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  29. 16 A Place for My Head [DVD] Linkin Park null:null
  30. 17 One Step Closer [DVD] Linkin Park null:null

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