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Mama Said Knock You Out [Deluxe]

LL Cool J 12/9/2014


Increasingly dismissed by hip-hop fans as an old-school relic and a slick pop sellout, LL Cool J rang in the '90s with Mama Said Knock You Out, a hard-edged artistic renaissance that became his biggest-selling album ever. Part of the credit is due to producer Marley Marl, whose thumping, bass-heavy sound helps LL reclaim the aggression of his early days. Mama Said Knock You Out isn't quite as hard as Radio, instead striking a balance between attitude and accessibility. But its greater variety and more layered arrangements make it LL's most listenable album, as well as keeping it in line with more contemporary sensibilities. Marl's productions on the slower tracks are smooth and soulful, but still funky; as a result, the ladies'-man side of LL's persona is the most convincing it's ever been, and his ballads don't feel sappy for arguably the first time on record. Even apart from the sympathetic musical settings, LL is at his most lyrically acrobatic, and the testosterone-fueled anthems are delivered with a force not often heard since his debut. The album's hits are a microcosm of its range -- "The Boomin' System" is a nod to bass-loving b-boys with car stereos; "Around the Way Girl" is a lush, winning ballad; and the title cut is one of the most blistering statements of purpose in hip-hop. It leaves no doubt that Mama Said Knock You Out was intended to be a tour de force, to regain LL Cool J's credibility while proving that he was still one of rap's most singular talents. It succeeded mightily, making him an across-the-board superstar and cementing his status as a rap icon beyond any doubt. [2014's deluxe reissue adds a second disc of remixes, including four each of the title track and "Around the Way Girl." It also tacks on the title track from the 1991 movie Strictly Business.] ~ Steve Huey
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Boomin' System LL Cool J 3:38
  3. 2 Around the Way Girl LL Cool J 4:2
  4. 3 Eat Em Up L Chill LL Cool J 4:36
  5. 4 Mr. Good Bar LL Cool J 3:40
  6. 5 Murdergram LL Cool J 3:50
  7. 6 Cheesy Rat Blues LL Cool J 5:3
  8. 7 Farmers Blvd. (Our Anthem) LL Cool J 4:22
  9. 8 Mama Said Knock You Out LL Cool J 4:47
  10. 9 Milky Cereal LL Cool J 3:49
  11. 10 Jingling Baby [Remixed But Still Jingling] LL Cool J 4:54
  12. 11 To Da Break of Dawn LL Cool J 4:30
  13. 12 6 Minutes of Pleasure LL Cool J 4:30
  14. 13 Illegal Search LL Cool J 4:26
  15. 14 The Power of God LL Cool J 4:17
  16. 1 Mama Said Knock You Out [12" Remix] LL Cool J 6:20
  17. 2 Mama Said Knock You Out [Hot Mix][Long] LL Cool J 4:33
  18. 3 Mama Said Knock You Out [7 A.M. Mix] LL Cool J 4:38
  19. 4 Mama Said Knock You Out [For Steering Pleasure] LL Cool J 4:46
  20. 5 Around The Way Girl [Untouchables Remix] LL Cool J 4:41
  21. 6 Around The Way Girl [Crypt 12" Mix] LL Cool J 4:46
  22. 7 Around The Way Girl [Jerv's 12" Rub] LL Cool J 4:42
  23. 8 Around The Way Girl [Marley Rub] LL Cool J 4:49
  24. 9 To Da Break Of Dawn [Remix Version] LL Cool J 5:30
  25. 10 To Da Break of Dawn [Bug Out Mix] LL Cool J 4:28
  26. 11 6 Minutes of Pleasure [Hey Girl Remix] LL Cool J 4:33
  27. 12 The Boomin' System [The Underground Mix] LL Cool J 4:23
  28. 13 Eat Em Up L Chill [Chill Remix] LL Cool J 5:2
  29. 14 Strictly Business LL Cool J 4:8

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