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Lonnie Donegan 22/8/2000


Donegan's second album, recorded in March of 1958, shows some greater sophistication. In place of sheer volume on the singing, he uses more subtle inflections throughout this mix of blues, gospel, and folk, which includes covers of traditional gospel songs like "Ain't You Glad You Got Religion" and two Lee Hayes songs ("Lonesome Traveller," "Times Are Getting Hard Boys"), Blind Willie Johnson's "Light From The Lighthouse," and Lonnie Johnson's "I've Got Rocks In My Bed" (which is good, but exists in an even better outtake issued by Bear Family in 1993). Jimmy Currie had taken over on lead guitar by this time, and proved more flexible than Denny Wright, with more complex lead guitar passages, although Wright evidently could play harder when the need arose, but otherwise the band is unchanged. Not as strong as the first album, with more of a folk music orientation, but not bad either. Note: The material from Lonnie is available on Bear Family's 8-CD collection More Than "Pye In The Sky." ~ Bruce Eder
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Lonesome Traveller Lonnie Donegan 2:50
  3. 2 The Sunshine of His Love Lonnie Donegan 1:50
  4. 3 Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos Lonnie Donegan 3:59
  5. 4 Ain't You Glad You Got Religion Lonnie Donegan 2:25
  6. 5 Times Are Getting Hard Boys Lonnie Donegan 2:42
  7. 6 Lazy John Lonnie Donegan 2:25
  8. 7 Light from the Lighthouse Lonnie Donegan 2:14
  9. 8 I've Got Rocks in My Bed Lonnie Donegan 5:26
  10. 9 Long Summer Day Lonnie Donegan 4:18
  11. 10 Sally Don't You Grieve Lonnie Donegan 2:10
  12. 11 Whoa Buck (Whoa Back, Buck) Lonnie Donegan 2:7
  13. 12 The Grand Coulee Dam Lonnie Donegan 2:37
  14. 13 Ham 'N' Eggs Lonnie Donegan null:null
  15. 14 Nobody Loves Like an Irishman Lonnie Donegan 2:41
  16. 15 Hard Travelin' [Version 1] Lonnie Donegan 2:23
  17. 16 Hard Travelin' [Version 2] Lonnie Donegan 3:2
  18. 17 Hard Travelin' [Version 3] Lonnie Donegan 2:23
  19. 18 Shorty George Lonnie Donegan 2:10
  20. 19 Baby Don't You Know That's Love Lonnie Donegan 2:2
  21. 20 Bewildered (So Bewildered) Lonnie Donegan 3:2
  22. 21 It Is No Secret Lonnie Donegan null:null
  23. 22 Kevin Barry Lonnie Donegan 2:57
  24. 23 My Lagan Love Lonnie Donegan 1:45
  25. 24 My Only Son Was Killed in Dublin (The Dying Rebel) Lonnie Donegan 2:36

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