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Ask Me About My New God!

Maria Bamford 7/16/2013


In 2012, strange and hilarious comedian Maria Bamford took to the Internet in the style of Louis C.K. (who's a huge fan of hers, by the way) and released the full-length video The Special Special Special for download. It was a brilliant concept piece as the anxiety-injected voice artist (she's apparently great with impressions of people you've never heard of, like her mom, her sister, her dry cleaner, her etc.) delivered a set full of material that was top-notch, but in front of an audience of two: her mom and dad. Since she's already the love-her-or-hate-her type, with a Jim Gaffigan-sized will to let those weird voices flow, The Special Special Special was a somewhat creepy and tension-filled work with Bamford fanatics as its target audience. Sweet relief then that the top material makes a reappearance on Ask Me About My New God!, a 2013 performance captured in front of a Bamford-friendly Portland audience. The weird joys of Portlandia are acknowledged by the comedian with "I could move here, grow out my hair into a cape, get on my bike that I made out of harpsichords, and use the wind to power my artisanal crumpet factory" during the opening laugh-fest called "Right and Wrong," then it's on to the Special Special Special material as "Paula Deen's Suicide Note" ("Gummy snakes, cookies.... Don't look for me, I made a plan and I will follow through with it!") and "Homeopathic Depression Remedy" ("Get a blue Sharpie and draw a happy rabbit's face over your own face") get their rightful, welcome home here. Terrible relationships, family quarrels, and religion all get explored, and the character voices the comedian employs run the gamut from an extremely nervous Betty Boop to a coked-out Cookie Monster. In other words, she's still an acquired taste, but with some of her best work meeting a loving audience, the place to find out if that taste can be acquired is right here. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Right and Wrong Maria Bamford 6:50
  3. 2 Paula Deen's Suicide Note Maria Bamford 1:39
  4. 3 Easy Cooking Maria Bamford 1:7
  5. 4 Gas Station Recipes Maria Bamford 1:10
  6. 5 Healthy Substitutions Maria Bamford 1:11
  7. 6 Vegetarian Oscar Schindler Maria Bamford 0:40
  8. 7 Sister Life Coach Maria Bamford 1:23
  9. 8 What Belief in God Feels Like Maria Bamford 0:34
  10. 9 What I Worship Maria Bamford 1:31
  11. 10 New Building Maria Bamford 2:2
  12. 11 My Mom, My Sister and My Beliefs Maria Bamford 0:51
  13. 12 Neighborhood Mentor Maria Bamford 1:37
  14. 13 Neighborhood Council Maria Bamford 0:35
  15. 14 Hogbook Maria Bamford 2:16
  16. 15 Pretend Languages Maria Bamford 1:4
  17. 16 English Phrases Maria Bamford 0:44
  18. 17 Romantic Expectations of Everyone Maria Bamford 1:56
  19. 18 Ernesto Martinez Maria Bamford 1:3
  20. 19 Reality Every Day Maria Bamford 1:6
  21. 20 Over 40 and Dating Maria Bamford 2:20
  22. 21 Confidence Maria Bamford 2:16
  23. 22 Terrible Relationships Maria Bamford 1:55
  24. 23 Lying Maria Bamford 1:33
  25. 24 Buy Stuff Maria Bamford 1:13
  26. 25 Suicide, Anyone? Maria Bamford 0:41
  27. 26 Dark Dad Maria Bamford 2:7
  28. 27 Stigma Maria Bamford 3:10
  29. 28 Repetitively Shit Ideas Maria Bamford 1:17
  30. 29 Poor Logic Maria Bamford 1:12
  31. 30 Homeopathic Depression Remedy Maria Bamford 1:28
  32. 31 Stay Alive Out of Spite Maria Bamford 2:8
  33. 32 Creativity Maria Bamford 3:36
  34. 33 Joy Whack-a-Mole Maria Bamford 4:15
  35. 1 Comedy Central Presents: Maria Bamford [Season 5] Maria Bamford null:null
  36. 2 Comedy Central Presents: Maria Bamford [Season 11] Maria Bamford null:null

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