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Act Like You Know

MC Lyte 9/17/1991


Though highly respected in rap's hardcore, MC Lyte was never a platinum seller. Atlantic Records no doubt encouraged her to be more commercial on her third album, Act Like You Know -- a generally softer, more melodic, and often R&B-ish effort than either of her first two LPs. But even so, the album is far from a sellout -- Lyte's music still has plenty of bite, substance, and integrity. Like before, she's at her best when telling some type of story instead of simply boasting about her rapping skills. Especially riveting are "Eyes Are the Soul" (a poignant reflection on the destruction caused by crack cocaine), "Lola at the Copa" (a warning about how a one-night-stand can lead to AIDS); and "Poor Georgie," which describes a young man's life and death in the fast lane. Lyte's change of direction proved to be short-lived -- with her next album, Ain't No Other, she returned to hardcore rap in a big way. ~ Alex Henderson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 When in Love MC Lyte 3:58
  3. 2 Eyes Are the Soul MC Lyte 3:54
  4. 3 Search 4 the Lyte MC Lyte 3:21
  5. 4 Act Like You Know MC Lyte 3:53
  6. 5 Mickey Slipper (Interlude) MC Lyte 1:38
  7. 6 Poor Georgie MC Lyte 4:30
  8. 7 Take It Off MC Lyte 4:48
  9. 8 Beyond the Hype MC Lyte 4:17
  10. 9 All That MC Lyte 3:4
  11. 10 Big Bad Sister MC Lyte 3:8
  12. 11 Like That Anna (Interlude) MC Lyte 0:53
  13. 12 Kamikaze MC Lyte 4:11
  14. 13 Can You Dig It MC Lyte 3:19
  15. 14 Like a Virgin MC Lyte 4:12
  16. 15 Lola from the Copa MC Lyte 3:6
  17. 16 2 Young 4 What MC Lyte 3:37
  18. 17 Absolutely Positively......Practical Jokes MC Lyte 3:39
  19. 18 Another Dope Intro (Interlude) MC Lyte 0:42
  20. 19 K-Rock's the Man MC Lyte 2:5

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