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Seriously, Who Farted?


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Nick Swardson 10/13/2009


Mixing silly with sleazy, Nick Swardson is as love-him-or-hate-him as Adam Sandler, who also just happens to be the comedian's biggest advocate, having executive produced a handful of Swardson vehicles such as the GMILF movie Grandma's Boy and an animated pilot based on the great Gay Robot character (that it wasn't picked up is a travesty of epic proportions). Like Sandler, Swardson's humor is loud, dumb, and fun, and while it has plenty of fratboy appeal, the comedian's delivery is more in the spirit of a sorority chick, with plenty of whining about icky things while embracing naïveté with open arms. Swardson's idea of culture begins with beer commercials and ends with online, first-person shooters, but when he describes his masseuse at the Asian massage parlor (ahem) as looking like the Street Fighter character E. Honda, you realize he's a lot more skilled and crafty than you first expected. Naming sequential tracks "Booze Is Magic" and "Booze Is Amazing" is typical Swardson, and if that elicits a chuckle, Seriously, Who Farted? will bring hysterics as the dumb jokes fly fast and furious. The Transformers movies and monkeys that high-five are the spice of life to Swardson, but booze is manna from heaven and drives the hilarious first half of the record. The second half is nearly as good, leaving as the only complaint the nonexistent editing of the album, which simply rips the audio from Swardson's Comedy Central television special with no editing for the sight gags. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Intro Nick Swardson 0:32
  3. 2 Booze Is Magic Nick Swardson 2:21
  4. 3 Booze Is Amazing Nick Swardson 5:44
  5. 4 Gay? Nick Swardson 6:5
  6. 5 Weed Is Dope Nick Swardson 4:7
  7. 6 Old Lady Hand Job Nick Swardson 10:47
  8. 7 UFC Nick Swardson 4:7
  9. 8 Blades of Glory Nick Swardson 2:42
  10. 9 Ninja Reunion Nick Swardson 3:1
  11. 10 Party Monkeys Nick Swardson 5:42
  12. 11 Being Old, Pt. 2 Nick Swardson 2:41
  13. 12 A Very Terry Christmas Nick Swardson 2:20

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