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The Fragile


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  2. Recoiled
  3. Only
  4. Bad Witch
  5. Down in It
Nine Inch Nails 9/21/1999


As the double-disc The Fragile unfurls, all of Nine Inch Nails' trademarks -- gargantuan, processed guitars, ominous electro rhythms, near-ambient keyboards, Trent Reznor's shredded vocals and tortured words -- are unveiled, all sounding pretty much how they did on The Downward Spiral. Upon closer inspection, there are new frills, yet these aren't apparent without digging. The Fragile lives up to its title once the first disc is over. There are some detours into noisy bluster (some, like the Marilyn Manson dis "Starfuckers, Inc.," work quite well) but they're surrounded by long, evocative instrumental sections that highlight Reznor's gifts for arrangement. Whenever Reznor crafts delicate, alternately haunting and pretty soundscapes or interesting sonic juxtapositions, The Fragile is compelling. Since they provide a change of pace, the bursts of industrial noise assist the flow of the album, which never feels indulgent, even though it runs over 100 minutes. There's no denying that it's often gripping, offering odd and interesting variations on NIN themes. Reznor's music is immaculately crafted and arranged, with every note and nuance gliding into the next. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Somewhat Damaged Nine Inch Nails 4:31
  3. 2 The Day the World Went Away Nine Inch Nails 4:33
  4. 3 The Frail Nine Inch Nails 1:54
  5. 4 The Wretched Nine Inch Nails 5:25
  6. 5 We're in This Together Nine Inch Nails 7:16
  7. 6 The Fragile Nine Inch Nails 4:36
  8. 7 Just Like You Imagined Nine Inch Nails 3:47
  9. 8 Even Deeper Nine Inch Nails 5:48
  10. 9 Pilgrimage Nine Inch Nails 3:32
  11. 10 No You Don't Nine Inch Nails 3:33
  12. 11 La Mer Nine Inch Nails 4:38
  13. 12 The Great Below Nine Inch Nails 5:11
  14. 1 The Way Out Is Through Nine Inch Nails 4:16
  15. 2 Into the Void Nine Inch Nails 4:48
  16. 3 Where Is Everybody? Nine Inch Nails 5:40
  17. 4 The Mark Has Been Made Nine Inch Nails 5:14
  18. 5 Please Nine Inch Nails 3:29
  19. 6 Starfuckers, Inc. Nine Inch Nails 4:59
  20. 7 Complication Nine Inch Nails 2:31
  21. 8 I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally Nine Inch Nails 4:9
  22. 9 The Big Come Down Nine Inch Nails 4:12
  23. 10 Underneath It All Nine Inch Nails 2:44
  24. 11 Ripe (With Decay) Nine Inch Nails 6:34

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