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Rushmore [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]


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While a soundtrack LP based on the smorgasbord of the "sounds of the '60s" is hardly a novel concept, Rushmore announced right up front it was offering more fruitful fare by emphasizing the little-known but cranking/smoking Creation single "Makin' Time" in its TV ads. That snarling-ornery classic more or less leads off this collection of British Invasion-era obscuros, a CD whose mere track selection proves its curator to be a genuine, happy, knowledgeable fan of the genre. Like the zany, hip radio station you've always longed for and will never get, in Rushmore's world the Kinks' 1964 unplugged Kinda Kinks gem "Nothing in This World Can Stop Me Worrying About That Girl" can peacefully coexist with the happy lounge of Unit 4+2, and French crooner Yves Montand, or with Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo's instrumental curiosities. The young, jauntier Cat Stevens and Chad & Jeremy provide pep, and a live version of the Who's first mini rock opera, the title track of their 1966 second LP, A Quick One, locks neatly into a film where two so-different males compete for the same woman. OK, the collection isn't timeless. There aren't enough great songs here, and compiler Wes Anderson could have done better for the great-but-in-decline John Lennon and the also-past-their-prime Faces than the pleasant but pathetic-indulgent "Oh Yoko!" and nice but pedestrian "Ooh La La". But even here, Anderson errs on the side of the whimsical and unusual, precisely the qualities missing in the movies these days. In the end, it's his sense of fun that pervades this unpredictable assortment as much as it does the cinematic experience. Synchronicity at last! ~ Jack Rabid. The Big Takeover
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Hardest Geometry Problem in the World Mark Mothersbaugh 1:29
  3. 2 Making Time The Creation 2:55
  4. 3 Concrete & Clay Unit 4+2 2:15
  5. 4 Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl The Kinks 2:41
  6. 5 Sharp Little Guy Mark Mothersbaugh 0:41
  7. 6 The Lad With the Silver Button Mark Mothersbaugh 1:0
  8. 7 A Summer Song Chad & Jeremy 2:37
  9. 8 Edward Appleby (In Memoriam) Mark Mothersbaugh 0:42
  10. 9 Here Comes My Baby Yusuf / Cat Stevens 2:54
  11. 10 A Quick One While He's Away The Who 8:40
  12. 11 Snowflake Music [From Buttlerocket] Mark Mothersbaugh 0:37
  13. 12 Piranhas Are Very Tricky Species Mark Mothersbaugh 1:20
  14. 13 Blinuet Zoot Sims 4:35
  15. 14 Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends Mark Mothersbaugh 1:23
  16. 15 Rue St. Vincent Yves Montand 3:22
  17. 16 Kite Flying Society Mark Mothersbaugh 1:19
  18. 17 The Wind Yusuf / Cat Stevens 1:38
  19. 18 Oh Yoko! John Lennon 4:13
  20. 19 Ooh la La Faces 3:28
  21. 20 Margaret Yang's Theme Mark Mothersbaugh 1:17

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