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The Peoples Champ [Chopped and Screwed]

Paul Wall 9/27/2005


{$Paul Wall} is one of the more affable and accessible Houstonians. That's saying something. Don't forget: the city is also the home of {$Mike Jones}, who wants you to call him at 281-330-8004 right now, not to mention the Astrodome, the temporary home to thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors. He tirelessly refers to himself as a mere fan of {\hip-hop} and constantly talks up his unsung heroes. Like most of his fellow H-Town MCs, {$Wall} is a {$DJ Screw} disciple, so he likes his tempos slow and syrupy -- he actually had to adjust to hearing {\hip-hop} at a normal tempo, not the other way around! -- and he fills his rhymes with countless local slang terms (slabs, swangas, candy paint, tippin') that necessitate a glossary for many listeners. His thick but swift Southern drawl had its first spell of nationwide exposure on {$Jones}' {&"Still Tippin',"} one of the best {\rap} singles released from any region in 2005. He's also the grille maker for many a {\Southern rap} star (as boldly indicated on the front of {^The Peoples Champ}) and gave the screwed-and-chopped treatment to {$T.I.}'s {^Urban Legend}. Years before all of this happened, {$Wall} was kicking around, releasing the occasional independent album and mixtape. So, just like Houston itself, it has taken some time for {$Wall} to get the spotlight. {^The Peoples Champ} is a fine break out, led by first single {&"Sittin' Sideways."} Not quite as magnificently woozy as {&"Still Tippin',"} it's still another solid-gold production from {$Salih Williams}, and {$Wall} is as good over the beat as he is on anything else. Granted, {$Wall}'s no all-star lyricist -- he's rarely saying anything of deep substance (this is music for driving around and partying, after all), but his flow always fits into the fabric of the track. Titles like {&"So Many Diamonds,"} {&"Drive Slow,"} and {&"Sip-N-Get High"} tip you off to the range of subject matter. Ever a gracious host, {$Three 6 Mafia}, {$Bun B}, {$Freeway}, {$Big Pokey}, {$T.I.}, and {$Kanye West} are just some of the MCs who guest. [A separate chopped-and-screwed edition of {^The Peoples Champ} was also released, containing alternate mixes from {@Swishahouse}'s {$Michael "5000" Watts}. Early copies of the album proper came with a bonus disc containing the same content featured here.] ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Intro Paul Wall 0:21
  3. 2 Sittin' Sidewayz Paul Wall 5:20
  4. 3 Big Ballin' Paul Wall 4:20
  5. 4 March N' Step Paul Wall 4:53
  6. 5 State to State Paul Wall 4:34
  7. 6 Trill Paul Wall 4:55
  8. 7 Girl Paul Wall 5:45
  9. 8 Just Paul Wall Paul Wall 4:56
  10. 9 So Many Diamonds Paul Wall 4:44
  11. 10 Smooth Operator Paul Wall 4:25
  12. 11 Got Plex Paul Wall 4:36
  13. 12 They Don't Know Paul Wall 4:16
  14. 13 Ridin' Dirty Paul Wall 5:31
  15. 14 Internet Going Nutz Paul Wall 4:47
  16. 15 I'm a Playa Paul Wall 5:9
  17. 16 Sip-N-Get High Paul Wall 4:27
  18. 17 Drive Slow Paul Wall 5:47
  19. 18 Outro Paul Wall 0:19

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