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Remixes from Lion

Peter Murphy 6/16/2015


Peter Murphy's Remixes from Lion is a companion piece to his 2014 LP of the same name, which saw the "Godfather of Goth" digging deep into electro-pop and darkwave textures with mostly positive results. Produced by Killing Joke's Martin "Youth" Glover, Lion was a typically moody affair with a surprising amount of venom, and with its thick, synth-heavy sound, lends itself well to the remix process. Rather than farm it out to various DJs and producers, Glover handled most of the remixes himself, giving it a cohesion similar to the original release. If the extended mixes feel a little too early-'90s at times, it can be forgiven considering that both artist and producer were enjoying a heyday in those heady times of surging alt-rock and college radio. The throwback sound works well on standouts like "I Am My Own Name" and the heavy "Hang Up." Also featured are a handful of bonus tracks from the Lion sessions, the best of which is the Bowie-esque "Gabriel," which comes off like a gothy "Drive-In Saturday" with its lush, glammy arrangement. Like most remix albums, this is hit or miss, but fans of Murphy, Glover, and their 2010s collaborations won't be disappointed. ~ Timothy Monger
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Hang Up [Youth Remix] Peter Murphy 7:13
  3. 2 Low Tar Stars [Youth Remix] Peter Murphy 4:42
  4. 3 The Ghost of Shokan Lake [Youth Remix] Peter Murphy 6:20
  5. 4 I Am My Own Name [Youth Remix] Peter Murphy 7:0
  6. 5 I'm on Your Side [Youth Remix] Peter Murphy 5:58
  7. 6 The Sound of Water [Youth Remix] Peter Murphy 8:28
  8. 7 Loctaine [Youth Remix] Peter Murphy 6:43
  9. 8 The Sound of Water Peter Murphy 8:41
  10. 9 Gabriel Peter Murphy 5:16
  11. 10 Prayer of Jonas in the Belly of the Whale [White Star Hawk Spirit Dance] Peter Murphy 9:23
  12. 11 Discreet Medley [Richard Thorne Ambient Remix] Peter Murphy 6:20

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