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Phyllis Hyman 12/7/2004


Out of all the Phyllis Hyman compilations -- of which there were roughly a dozen floating around by early 2004 -- Ultimate Phyllis Hyman is one of the more desirable looks at the singer's career. This works as an abbreviated version of 1996's two-disc The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman, and it focuses on the hits that were most popular, all the while including a handful of album cuts. Since it considers her stints with numerous labels (Buddah, Philadelphia International, Arista, Zoo), it holds an advantage over a number of compilations that rely on a specific era. "Loving You, Losing You," "Can't We Fall in Love Again," "Don't Wanna Change the World," and "Living in Confusion" are included, along with 13 others. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Betcha By Golly Wow [Single Version] Phyllis Hyman 3:44
  3. 2 Loving You, Losing You [Single Version] Phyllis Hyman 3:43
  4. 3 I Don't Want to Lose You Phyllis Hyman 5:25
  5. 4 Somewhere in My Lifetime Phyllis Hyman 3:30
  6. 5 Here's That Rainy Day Phyllis Hyman 3:3
  7. 6 You Know How to Love Me [Single Version] Phyllis Hyman 3:47
  8. 7 Under Your Spell Phyllis Hyman 4:36
  9. 8 Can't We Fall in Love Again Phyllis Hyman 5:14
  10. 9 Just Another Face in the Crowd Phyllis Hyman 5:45
  11. 10 The Love Too Good to Last Phyllis Hyman 4:0
  12. 11 Riding the Tiger Phyllis Hyman 6:22
  13. 12 Old Friend Phyllis Hyman 4:52
  14. 13 Living All Alone Phyllis Hyman 5:5
  15. 14 Don't Wanna Change the World Phyllis Hyman 5:19
  16. 15 Living in Confusion [Single Version] Phyllis Hyman 3:57
  17. 16 I Refuse to Be Lonely Phyllis Hyman 3:57
  18. 17 Meet Me on the Moon Phyllis Hyman 6:44

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