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Pimpalation [Chopped & Screwed]

Pimp C 2006


Since Pimp C entered prison in early 2002, his UGK brother Bun B unwillingly launched a solo career with the heavy-hitting 2005 album Trill and the fantastic single "Draped Up." It was a more mainstream affair than anything UGK had ever attempted, and the fans who were disappointed by Bun B going bling are going to be even more bitter after hearing Pimpalation, an album that makes no grand statements but bangs hard with numerous club cuts. Easing listeners off the righteous "Free Pimp C" campaign mania that led up to the album's release, the great Tom Petty-sampling "I'm Free" thanks the fans for waiting and addresses lockdown and release. Hot on its heels, the hard and very UGK "Knockin Doorz Down" attempts to unite the South while announcing the Pimp's return to the game. From here, it's forget about the past and get back to work. "Pourin' Up" is the little brother to Bun B's "Draped Up," although it's Pimp C, so it's more aggressive, brasher, and extra sleazy. A ridiculous amount of hooky tracks with an even more ridiculous amount of guest stars -- shades of Trill once again -- follow with Pimp C dropping the more hedonistic side of Houston culture all over tracks like the sly "Bobby & Whitney." This is a party, so those who expect a storytelling prison album like Beanie Sigel's The B.Coming are in for a big letdown. Their loss, but thuggish Friday nights that crave that syrup-sippin' Texas noise rarely have it so good. [This edition of Pimpalation consists of a trippy screwed-and-chopped remix of the album, done by Swishahouse member Michael "5000" Watts.] ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Intro [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 1:26
  3. 2 I'm Free [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 4:42
  4. 3 Knockin Doorz Down [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 5:33
  5. 4 Rock 4 Rock [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 6:28
  6. 5 Bobby & Whitney [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 4:39
  7. 6 Overstand Me [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 5:35
  8. 7 Havin' Thangs '06 [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 3:7
  9. 8 Like That [Remix] Pimp C 5:16
  10. 9 On Your Mind [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 5:35
  11. 10 Cheat on Yo Man [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 5:51
  12. 11 The Honey [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 5:35
  13. 12 Working the Wheel [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 6:0
  14. 13 Pourin' Up [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 5:22
  15. 14 I Miss U [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 7:14
  16. 15 Gitcha Mind Right [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 4:12
  17. 16 Outro [Chopped & Screwed] Pimp C 3:14

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