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Say It with Music (A Touch of Latin)

Ray Conniff 9/3/1991


A sad day indeed for {%Schmendrick McFendrick}, noted critic, when he screwed up in the "gagged and bound" test, mistaking {$Ray Conniff} for {$Ennio Morricone}. It wasn't as bad as {$Charles Mingus} thinking {$Davey Schildkraut} was {$Charlie Parker}, but unlike {$Mingus}, the critic had no music of his own to fall back on when the populace at large began ridiculing his opinions. The truth is, {&"Besame Mucho"} opens with a combination of twangy electric guitars and trombones that {$Morricone} might have let them put his name on, especially if it meant time to grab a cigarette. {$Conniff}'s {\Latin} touch, like the Italian {\soundtrack} master's genre pastiches, represent at times the barest ash of an idea, flicked quickly like someone signaling an oncoming train. The {$Conniff} chorus, not orchestra, is where a touch is likely to become deadly, his female squadron intoning wordless syllables as they drag swimmers down to a depth where breathing will never be the same again. {&"Deep Purple"} wears well out of a more subtle blend of voices and instruments, something whomever wrote the liner notes brags about as being {$Conniff}'s forté. True or not, a surprising element is the extent to which some of the tracks swing, although not in a {\Latin} way. In some ways, the closest thing to {\Latin} on this record might be the sudden intrusion of a strummed harp midway through {&"Say It with Music,"} bringing to mind the pillaging of Carthage by the Romans. {&"Summertime"} has a loose exuberance associated with {\New Orleans jazz}, while {&"Night and Day"} rustles calendar pages jauntily until the choir comes along and pukes. {&"Temptation"} fits a long melody out of both instruments and voices to a point inducing queasiness; better to concentrate on the percussionist's brushes. ~ Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Besame Mucho Ray Conniff 2:34
  3. 2 Stranger in Paradise Ray Conniff 3:0
  4. 3 Summertime Ray Conniff 2:36
  5. 4 I've Got You Under My Skin Ray Conniff 2:57
  6. 5 Too Young Ray Conniff 2:36
  7. 6 Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise Ray Conniff 3:16
  8. 7 Just One of Those Things Ray Conniff 3:18
  9. 8 Deep Purple Ray Conniff 2:26
  10. 9 Brazil Ray Conniff 3:0
  11. 10 Night and Day Ray Conniff 3:13
  12. 11 Temptation Ray Conniff 3:34
  13. 12 Say It with Music Ray Conniff 2:23

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