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Love Family Trax


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  1. The Contempt


Not only a prolific {\microhouse} producer for labels like {@Perlon}, {@Playhouse}, and {@Frisbee Tracks}, {$Ricardo Villalobos} became one of the most revered DJs in the German dance community. A major player based on either facet of his career, it's surprising that 2002's {^Love Family Trax} was the first full-length release -- whether a mix or a disc consisting strictly of his own productions -- to bear his name. Falling somewhere between {$Zip}'s {^Superlongevity} and {$Dan Bell}'s {^The Button-Down Mind}, {^Love Family Trax} is based on quirk-filled, minimally structured {\house} productions that are swift -- but not necessarily fast -- in tempo. Basslines are supple and vibrant enough, but as with a lot of the 12" releases that come from an ever-swelling roster of small German imprints, the devil's in the details -- the slight accents, clipped vocal samples, and odd blips that can help a mix become equally sleek, carnal, and fun. In the hands of {$Villalobos}, these qualities are in full supply and are mixed with fluid grace. Along with three of the mixer's own prime productions, {&"Bredow,"} {&"Früh,"} and {&"Panpot Spliff,"} tracks from {$Thomas Brinkmann}'s {$Soul Center}, {$Luciano}, {$Akufen}, {@Bruchstücke}'s {$Styro 2000}, and {$Eight Miles High} factor in as highlights. There aren't any lulls or dramatic builds to be heard. It's just a steady current up to the very end, where {$Sieg Über die Sonne} takes you out with an abstract {\ambient} piece of slightly unsettling wonder. It's no {^Taka Taka} -- released just a year later through {@Cocoon} -- but an admirer of any of the involved should find plenty to shake to. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Call... [Jan Jelinek Rmx] Ricardo Villalobos 2:46
  3. 2 Im Schatten Ricardo Villalobos 2:29
  4. 3 The Unexpected Guest Ricardo Villalobos 4:46
  5. 4 Gunk Ricardo Villalobos 3:52
  6. 5 Easy Goin' Ricardo Villalobos 3:22
  7. 6 Make a Move, Pt. 1 Ricardo Villalobos 3:8
  8. 7 Früh Ricardo Villalobos 4:28
  9. 8 Ship Ricardo Villalobos 4:5
  10. 9 If Next Ricardo Villalobos 3:19
  11. 10 Refuse Ricardo Villalobos 2:58
  12. 11 Bredow Ricardo Villalobos 3:2
  13. 12 Head in Clouds Ricardo Villalobos 4:28
  14. 13 Pioneer to Poet Ricardo Villalobos 3:44
  15. 14 Panpot Spliff Ricardo Villalobos 4:15
  16. 15 Senses Ricardo Villalobos 7:2
  17. 16 Problem Kidz Ricardo Villalobos 3:11
  18. 17 Beta Bodega Ricardo Villalobos 4:48
  19. 18 Asymkop Ricardo Villalobos 5:49

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