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Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow 9/24/1996


Hiring noted roots experimentalists Tchad Blake and Mitchell Froom as engineer and consultant, respectively, Sheryl Crow took a cue from their Latin Playboys project for her second album -- she kept her roots rock foundation and added all sorts of noises, weird instruments, percussion loops, and off-balance production to give Sheryl Crow a distinctly modern flavor. And, even with the Stonesy grind of "Sweet Rosalyn" or hippie spirits of "Love Is a Good Thing," it is an album that couldn't have been made any other time than the '90s. As strange as it may sound, Sheryl Crow is a postmodern masterpiece of sorts -- albeit a mainstream, post-alternative, postmodern masterpiece. It may not be as hip or innovative as, say, the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique, but it is as self-referential, pop culture obsessed, and musically eclectic. Throughout the record, Crow spins out wild, nearly incomprehensible stream-of-consciousness lyrics, dropping celebrity names and products every chance she gets ("drinking Falstaff beer/Mercedes Ruehl and a rented Leer"). Often, these litanies don't necessarily add up to anything specific, but they're a perfect match for the mess of rock, blues, alt-rock, country, folk, and lite hip-hop loops that dominate the record. At her core, she remains a traditionalist -- the songcraft behind the infectious "Change Would Do You Good," the bubbly "Everyday Is a Winding Road," and the weary "If It Makes You Happy" helped get the singles on the radio -- but the production and lyrics are often at odds with those instincts, creating for a fascinating and compelling (and occasionally humorous) listen and one of the most individual albums of its era. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Maybe Angels Sheryl Crow 4:50
  3. 2 A Change Would Do You Good Sheryl Crow 3:47
  4. 3 Home Sheryl Crow 4:48
  5. 4 Sweet Rosalyn Sheryl Crow 3:57
  6. 5 If It Makes You Happy Sheryl Crow 5:23
  7. 6 Redemption Day Sheryl Crow 4:26
  8. 7 Hard to Make a Stand Sheryl Crow 3:5
  9. 8 Everyday Is a Winding Road Sheryl Crow 4:14
  10. 9 Love Is a Good Thing Sheryl Crow 4:41
  11. 10 Oh Marie Sheryl Crow 3:30
  12. 11 Superstar Sheryl Crow 4:51
  13. 12 The Book Sheryl Crow 4:33
  14. 13 Ordinary Morning Sheryl Crow 3:47

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