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  1. It's OK [Single]
Slimm Calhoun 4/10/2001


An artist affiliated with mega hip-hop heavyweights Outkast will certainly arouse a raised eyebrow in the hip-hop community, but it won't necessarily translate to a gold plaque for that artist's debut. Released on Outkast's Aquemini label, Outkast protegé Slimm Cutta Calhoun's debut album is unpolished but contains some evidence that the young Atlien will be heard from in the future. Slimm's energetic, concise delivery and Georgia drawl tear up tracks, but the overall presentation is still too immature. The Outkast massive's production team, Organized Noise, lends their swampy Dirty South sound for a majority of the album. Some of the tracks have high-caliber quality, most notably "Time Lock," powered by a grimy, effect-ridden guitar riff, and the heartfelt "Lil Buddy." However, there are not enough of these inspired production efforts to aid young Slimm's developing talents. Big Boi and Andre of Outkast chip in for a couple of tracks, but their assists are unable to truly pick this album up off the mat. Those looking for the much more dynamic sounds of other Outkast affiliates such as Goodie Mob, Cool Breeze, and Witchdoctor will be mostly disappointed. [Skinny was also released in a "clean" edition, containing no profanities or vulgarities.] ~ M.F. DiBella
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Intro Slimm Calhoun 1:13
  3. 2 Red Clay Slimm Calhoun 3:29
  4. 3 This Young G Slimm Calhoun 3:16
  5. 4 Well Slimm Calhoun 4:37
  6. 5 Time Lock/Camp David (Interlude) Slimm Calhoun 4:14
  7. 6 It Ain't Easy Slimm Calhoun 4:1
  8. 7 Dirt Work Slimm Calhoun 3:3
  9. 8 It's OK Slimm Calhoun 3:34
  10. 9 The Skinny Slimm Calhoun 3:42
  11. 10 The Cut Song Slimm Calhoun 4:18
  12. 11 All da Hustlers Slimm Calhoun 3:37
  13. 12 Lil' Buddy (Til Death Do Us Part) Slimm Calhoun 4:8
  14. 13 Characters Slimm Calhoun 3:34
  15. 14 Worldy Ways Slimm Calhoun 4:32
  16. 15 On Tha Grind Slimm Calhoun 3:54
  17. 16 How Much Can I Slimm Calhoun 2:26
  18. 17 Piece of Tha Pie Slimm Calhoun 3:59

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