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Soulja Boy Tell'em 12/16/2008


Short on new ideas and lacking in cohesion, Soulja Boy Tell Em's second official full-length finds the young upstart trying way too hard to re-create the bazillion selling "Crank That" and repeatedly coming up short. The mindless "Bird Walk" is the most obvious attempt, combining the same Southern-styled production, the same shouts of "Youuuuuu!," and the same silly dance instructions. Problem is, it comes with a much less infectious hook and no ridiculous "Why me crank that Robocop?"-type lyrics to savor. "Botty Got Swag (Donk, Pt. 2)" and "Wit My Yums On" are more of the same but it's the truly maddening "Hey You There" and its taunting of the "big fat police dude" at the mall that really takes the cake, with lyrics and melody that are juvenile beyond belief. Going in the completely opposite direction, "Shoppin' Spree" kicks off with G-Unit-styled gun shots before going completely gangsta with Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti flexing and posing. This unbelievable attempt to go hard will only sound vicious to the pre-teen set, and the inclusion of Gucci and Gotti suggests some crossover hopes and desire for hardcore rap acceptance, as if Soulja Boy could flip his squeaky-clean, daytime-television-appearing image with one rickety track. Parents stuck with a die-hard fan in the home can at least tolerate the free-form "Eazy," which gets fairly clever with the nonsense, plus the puppy-love swooner "Kiss Me Thru the Phone," which shows some improvement over the previous album's cavity-inducing ballad "Soulja Girl." ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 I'm Bout tha Stax (Intro) Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:20
  3. 2 Bird Walk Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:33
  4. 3 Turn My Swag On Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:27
  5. 4 Gucci Bandanna Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:55
  6. 5 Eazy Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:22
  7. 6 Kiss Me Thru the Phone Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:12
  8. 7 Booty Got Swag Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:6
  9. 8 Rubber Bands Soulja Boy Tell'em 4:15
  10. 9 Hey You There Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:51
  11. 10 Yamaha Mama Soulja Boy Tell'em 4:37
  12. 11 Wit My Yums On Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:28
  13. 12 Go Head Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:41
  14. 13 Shoppin' Spree Soulja Boy Tell'em 4:47
  15. 14 Soulja Boy Tellem Soulja Boy Tell'em 3:31
  16. 15 Whoop Rico Soulja Boy Tell'em 4:5
  17. 16 I Pray (Outro) Soulja Boy Tell'em 5:43

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