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Stone Temple Pilots were positively vilified once their 1992 debut, Core, started scaling the charts in 1993, pegged as fifth-rate Pearl Jam copyists. It is true that the worst moments of Core play like a parody of the Seattle scene -- titles like "Dead and Bloated" and "Crackerman" tell you that much, playing like really bad Alice in Chains parodies, and the entire record tends to sink into gormless post-grunge sludge. Furthermore, even if it rocks pretty hard, it's usually without much character, sounding like cut-rate grunge. To be fair, it's more that they share the same influences as their peers than being overt copycats, but it's still a little disheartening all the same. If that's all that Core was, it'd be as forgettable as Seven Mary Three, but there are the hits that propelled it up the charts, songs that have remarkably stood the test of time to be highlights of their era. "Sex Type Thing" may have a clumsy anti-rape lyric that comes across as misogynist, but it survives on its terrifically lunk-headed riff, while "Wicked Garden" is a surprisingly effective piece of revivalist acid rock. Then, there's the slow acoustic crawl of "Creep" that works as well as anything on AIC's Sap and, finally, "Plush," a majestic album rock revival more melodic and stylish than anything grunge produced outside of Nirvana itself. These four songs aren't enough to salvage a fairly pedestrian debut, but they do find STP to be nimble rock craftsmen when inspiration hits. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Dead & Bloated Stone Temple Pilots 5:10
  3. 2 Sex Type Thing Stone Temple Pilots 3:37
  4. 3 Wicked Garden Stone Temple Pilots 4:4
  5. 4 No Memory Stone Temple Pilots 1:21
  6. 5 Sin Stone Temple Pilots 6:4
  7. 6 Naked Sunday Stone Temple Pilots 3:49
  8. 7 Creep Stone Temple Pilots 5:31
  9. 8 Piece of Pie Stone Temple Pilots 5:23
  10. 9 Plush Stone Temple Pilots 5:10
  11. 10 Wet My Bed Stone Temple Pilots 1:37
  12. 11 Crackerman Stone Temple Pilots 3:12
  13. 12 Where the River Goes Stone Temple Pilots 8:17

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