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Absolutely Live

The Doors 10/15/1996


ABSOLUTELY LIVE was taped during a United State tour that took place between August 1969 and June 1970, and shows off The Doors' strengths as a live band and the way they kept sets interesting by including a broad cross-section of music. Where else could you hear Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love" sidling up next to Kurt Weill's "Alabama Song?" Ray Manzarek's organ and John Densmore's drumming keep pace throughout as Robbie Krieger's guitar playing show him to be as much of a force in the Doors as Jim Morrison. As for the Lizard King, his blues growl is put to perfect use on "Backdoor Man," whereas his inner poet takes over on the prophetic "When The Music's Over" and the jazzy, metaphysical "Universal Mind." Morrison's most dramatic turn comes in the personage of a Southern preacher on the intro "Petition The Lord With Prayer" that leads into a medley of "Dead Cats, Dead Rats" and "Break On Through #2." In truth, ABSOLUTELY LIVE does not measure up to the Doors' more meticulously crafted studio efforts, yet it includes material that doesn't appear elsewhere, and is a satisfying snapshot of the band's live show.
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 House Announcer The Doors 2:40
  3. 2 Who Do You Love? The Doors 6:3
  4. 3 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) The Doors 1:51
  5. 4 Back Door Man The Doors 2:22
  6. 5 Love Hides The Doors 1:49
  7. 6 Five to One The Doors 4:34
  8. 7 Build Me a Woman The Doors 3:34
  9. 8 When the Music's Over The Doors 16:16
  10. 9 Close to You The Doors 4:5
  11. 10 Universal Mind The Doors 4:55
  12. 11 Petition the Lord with Prayer The Doors 0:53
  13. 12 Dead Cats, Dead Rats The Doors 1:54
  14. 13 Break On Through (To the Other Side) No. 2 The Doors 4:45
  15. 14 The Celebration of the Lizard: Lions in the Street The Doors 1:14
  16. 15 The Celebration of the Lizard: Wake Up The Doors 1:21
  17. 16 The Celebration of the Lizard: A Little Game The Doors 1:13
  18. 17 The Celebration of the Lizard: The Hill Dwellers The Doors 2:36
  19. 18 The Celebration of the Lizard: Not to Touch the Earth The Doors 4:14
  20. 19 The Celebration of the Lizard: Names of the Kingdom The Doors 1:29
  21. 20 The Celebration of the Lizard: The Palace of Exile The Doors 2:21
  22. 21 Soul Kitchen The Doors 7:15

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