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Varshons 2

The Lemonheads 8/2/2019


Evan Dando hasn't exactly been prolific in the 21st century. After threatening to become prolific in the 2000s -- he released a solo album, Baby I'm Bored, in 2003, then reunited the Lemonheads for their first new album in ten years in 2006 -- he decided to settle into a role he always longed to be: a college rock crooner, lazily strumming his favorite songs in the twilight hours. Throughout the Lemonheads' career, Dando always steered the group toward other people's songs, but 2009's Varshons was a full-fledged covers album, split between chestnuts from classic singer/songwriters, rustic versions of indie tunes, and the occasional spike of irony. Varshons 2 -- delivered a swift decade after its predecessor -- sands down those rough edges, swapping GG Allin for Florida Georgia Line, and sounding altogether warm and cozy. The only time there's a hint of underground squall is a vigorous cover of the Eyes' "TAQN" (its speed countering the intent of the lyrics) and the gnarly electric guitar threaded through a version of Lucinda Williams' "Abandoned," which provides a nice, nervy contrast to Dando's honeyed voice. Ten years later, he's remarkably no worse for the wear; his voice doesn't sound weathered, it sounds broken in, wrapping itself easily around songs he clearly knows by heart. Dando remains a sensitive, nuanced interpreter and, as produced by Matthew Cullen, the Lemonheads sound amiable and charming: the best college bar band you could imagine stumbling upon on a Saturday afternoon. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Can't Forget The Lemonheads 2:11
  3. 2 Settled Down Like Rain The Lemonheads 2:51
  4. 3 Old Man Blank The Lemonheads 3:35
  5. 4 Things The Lemonheads 2:46
  6. 5 Speed of the Sound of Loneliness The Lemonheads 2:45
  7. 6 Abandoned The Lemonheads 3:39
  8. 7 Now and Then The Lemonheads 2:36
  9. 8 Magnet The Lemonheads 3:24
  10. 9 Round Here The Lemonheads 2:17
  11. 10 TAQN The Lemonheads 2:2
  12. 11 Unfamiliar The Lemonheads 3:31
  13. 12 Straight to You The Lemonheads 4:26
  14. 13 Take It Easy The Lemonheads 3:17

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