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The Nixons 6/17/1997


In 1996, the Nixons appeared to be on the verge of becoming one of the next big post-grunge bands, due in large part to the hit single "Sister," an acoustic ballad that wore the band's Pearl Jam influences on its sleeve. They returned in the summer of 1997 with this self-titled album, yet anyone expecting an album further mining the sound of "Sister" is bound to be disappointed. Rather than capitalizing on their success, the Nixons have instead crafted a set of hard, grungier songs. This would be fine if the songs were memorable. However, with no discernible hooks or melodies, they fail to make much of an impression even after repeated listenings. Album opener and first single "Baton Rouge" is representative of the problem plaguing most of the songs on the album: heavy and self-important, yet underwritten and ultimately unremarkable. The band fares much better on the slower numbers, particularly on "Sad, Sad Me," an up-tempo, countrified number that could easily have been on Matchbox 20's debut album. Unfortunately, other than that one winner, this is strictly paint-by-number mid-'90s rock, with little to recommend to anyone except the most die-hard fan. ~ Deren Svendsen
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Baton Rouge The Nixons 3:39
  3. 2 Miss U.S.A. The Nixons 2:50
  4. 3 In Spite of Herself... The Nixons 3:19
  5. 4 The Fall The Nixons 4:38
  6. 5 Sad, Sad Me The Nixons 4:39
  7. 6 Screaming Yellow The Nixons 3:35
  8. 7 December The Nixons 3:52
  9. 8 ...At the Sun The Nixons 3:53
  10. 9 Saving Grace The Nixons 3:44
  11. 10 Leave The Nixons 3:53
  12. 11 Butterfly The Nixons 3:27
  13. 12 Shine The Nixons 7:15

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