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Live at the Paris Olympia

The Shadows 6/17/2002


On the one hand, the Shadows are among the last throwbacks to a brand of utterly professional, painstakingly precise package rock & roll that existed in England before the Beatles and their contemporaries came along and substituted passion for a degree of virtuosity. On the other, the Shadows were among the biggest boosters of the electric guitar in a culture that still wasn't certain of its feelings for American-style jazz, much less rock & roll. This expanded version of the live album they cut at the Paris Olympia showcases the group's virtues and flaws about as well as anything they ever did, and may be the best way -- other than picking up a handful of hits like "Apache" -- for the uninitiated to discover the Shadows. They were really "on" that night, in the midst of a European tour concurrent with their first chart success ("Let Me Be the One") in a dog's age. What's more, although the Shadows are known best as an instrumental outfit, they did sing occasionally, and reveal themselves as surprisingly good singers in a sort of sub-Beatles/ELO manner on songs like "Lady of the Morning," "Music Makes My Day," and a handful of other vocal numbers. And they show a lot of spirit, if not unbridled passion, throughout this show -- the Ramones had nothing to fear from the Shadows, except maybe from the virtuosity of Hank Marvin's fluid lead lines and the group's overall precision. All of the hits are here from across their career, along with several '50s rock & roll standards by which they do very well. ~ Bruce Eder
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Shazam The Shadows 2:36
  3. 2 Man of Mystery The Shadows 2:10
  4. 3 Lady of the Morning The Shadows 3:8
  5. 4 Shadoogie The Shadows 2:36
  6. 5 Guitar Tango The Shadows 3:10
  7. 6 Faithful The Shadows 2:28
  8. 7 Tiny Robin The Shadows 2:27
  9. 8 Honourable Puff-Puff The Shadows 3:56
  10. 9 Sleep Walk The Shadows 3:10
  11. 10 Marmaduke The Shadows 3:5
  12. 11 Foot Tapper The Shadows 2:56
  13. 12 Apache The Shadows 3:0
  14. 13 The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt The Shadows 3:4
  15. 14 Dance On The Shadows 2:42
  16. 15 Lonesome Mole The Shadows 3:1
  17. 16 Nivram The Shadows 3:13
  18. 17 Turn Around and Touch Me The Shadows 3:9
  19. 18 Music Makes My Day The Shadows 3:30
  20. 19 The Frightened City The Shadows 2:51
  21. 20 Little 'B' The Shadows 6:42
  22. 21 Blue Suede Shoes The Shadows 4:25
  23. 22 Rip It Up The Shadows 2:36
  24. 23 Lucille The Shadows 2:56
  25. 24 Somewhere (West Side Story) The Shadows 2:58
  26. 24 Wonderful Land [Live] The Shadows 2:19
  27. 25 Let Me Be the One The Shadows 2:57
  28. 25 F.B.I. [Live] The Shadows 2:47

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