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The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1: The Quine Tapes



Bootleg Series, Vol. 1: The Quine Tapes is a three-CD compilation of live performances from the Velvet Underground. This is likewise the first in presumably a series of recordings documenting the band's concert visage throughout their brief history. This volume is derived from the semi-legit and non-professional recordings of Robert Quine (guitar), who at the time was a fan as well as a friend of the band. During the intervening years, Quine became a founding member of Richard Hell & the Voidoids and later went on to work with guitarist Lou Reed on his 1982 solo album, Blue Mask. A majority of these recordings are from the VU's swing through the San Francisco Bay Area circa late November/early December 1969. Additionally, they reflect the period just prior to embarking upon the Loaded album. This latter-era band includes: Lou Reed (guitar/vocals), Sterling Morrison (guitar/vocals), Doug Yule (bass/organ/vocals), and Maureen "Mo" Tucker (percussion/vocals). Tucker's contributions are of particular note, as this collection features both "After Hours" as well as "I'm Sticking With You," her only VU-related lead vocals. The track list likewise offers a decent sampling from the group's back catalog, including a few tunes that had yet to be issued at the time these recordings were made. Among them are "Ride into the Sun" and "I Can't Stand It" -- which would initially surface on Lou Reed's self-titled debut -- as well as a few tunes that were never issued on a studio album by the band, such as "Over You," and "It's Just Too Much." These titles are likewise available on 1969: Velvet Underground Live. Potential consumers should note that the no-fi sound quality of this release is at the very worst only a minor distraction. For the most part these recordings are clean. Although they are in mono, they are as enjoyable -- if not more so -- than similarly issued releases, such as the previously mentioned 1969: Velvet Underground Live or Live at Max's Kansas City, both of which were unprofessionally documented. ~ Lindsay Planer
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 I'm Waiting for the Man The Velvet Underground 7:47
  3. 2 It's Just Too Much The Velvet Underground 4:11
  4. 3 What Goes On The Velvet Underground 8:29
  5. 4 I Can't Stand It The Velvet Underground 6:23
  6. 5 Some Kinda Love The Velvet Underground 4:51
  7. 6 Foggy Notion The Velvet Underground 4:45
  8. 7 Femme Fatale The Velvet Underground 3:17
  9. 8 After Hours The Velvet Underground 3:6
  10. 9 I'm Sticking With You The Velvet Underground 2:52
  11. 10 Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground 3:0
  12. 11 Sister Ray The Velvet Underground 24:3
  13. 1 Follow the Leader The Velvet Underground 17:9
  14. 2 White Light/White Heat The Velvet Underground 10:6
  15. 3 Venus in Furs The Velvet Underground 5:18
  16. 4 Heroin The Velvet Underground 8:14
  17. 5 Sister Ray The Velvet Underground 38:1
  18. 1 Rock & Roll The Velvet Underground 6:53
  19. 2 New Age The Velvet Underground 11:21
  20. 3 Over You The Velvet Underground 2:44
  21. 4 The Black Angel's Death Song The Velvet Underground 5:57
  22. 5 I'm Waiting for the Man The Velvet Underground 11:40
  23. 6 Ride into the Sun The Velvet Underground 11:14
  24. 7 Sister Ray/Foggy Notion The Velvet Underground 28:43

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