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White Light/White Heat



The world of pop music was hardly ready for The Velvet Underground's first album when it appeared in the spring of 1967, but while The Velvet Underground and Nico sounded like an open challenge to conventional notions of what rock music could sound like (or what it could discuss), 1968's White Light/White Heat was a no-holds-barred frontal assault on cultural and aesthetic propriety. Recorded without the input of either Nico or Andy Warhol, White Light/White Heat was the purest and rawest document of the key Velvets lineup of Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Maureen Tucker, capturing the group at their toughest and most abrasive. The album opens with an open and enthusiastic endorsement of amphetamines (startling even from this group of noted drug enthusiasts), and side one continues with an amusing shaggy-dog story set to a slab of lurching mutant R&B ("The Gift"), a perverse variation on an old folktale ("Lady Godiva's Operation"), and the album's sole "pretty" song, the mildly disquieting "Here She Comes Now." While side one was a good bit darker in tone than the Velvets' first album, side two was where they truly threw down the gauntlet with the manic, free-jazz implosion of "I Heard Her Call My Name" (featuring Reed's guitar work at its most gloriously fractured), and the epic noise jam "Sister Ray," 17 minutes of sex, drugs, violence, and other non-wholesome fun with the loudest rock group in the history of Western Civilization as the house band. White Light/White Heat is easily the least accessible of The Velvet Underground's studio albums, but anyone wanting to hear their guitar-mauling tribal frenzy straight with no chaser will love it, and those benighted souls who think of the Velvets as some sort of folk-rock band are advised to crank their stereo up to ten and give side two a spin. ~ Mark Deming
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 White Light/White Heat The Velvet Underground 2:45
  3. 2 The Gift The Velvet Underground 8:17
  4. 3 Lady Godiva's Operation The Velvet Underground 4:54
  5. 4 Here She Comes Now The Velvet Underground 2:2
  6. 5 I Heard Her Call My Name The Velvet Underground 4:36
  7. 6 Sister Ray The Velvet Underground 17:29
  8. 7 I Heard Her Call My Name [Alternate Take] The Velvet Underground 4:37
  9. 8 Guess I'm Falling In Love [Instrumental Version] The Velvet Underground 3:32
  10. 9 Temptation Inside Your Heart [Original Mix] The Velvet Underground 2:30
  11. 10 Stephanie Says [Original Mix] The Velvet Underground 2:48
  12. 11 Hey Mr. Rain [Version 1] The Velvet Underground 4:39
  13. 12 Hey Mr. Rain [Version 2] The Velvet Underground 5:22
  14. 13 Beginning To See the Light [Early Version] The Velvet Underground 3:39
  15. 1 Booker T. [Live In New York City / 1967] The Velvet Underground 6:45
  16. 2 I'm Not a Young Man Anymore [Live In New York City / 1967] The Velvet Underground 6:17
  17. 3 Guess I'm Falling In Love [Live In New York City / 1967] The Velvet Underground 4:10
  18. 4 I'm Waiting For the Man [Live In New York City / 1967] The Velvet Underground 5:28
  19. 5 Run Run Run [Live In New York City / 1967] The Velvet Underground 6:58
  20. 6 Sister Ray [Live In New York City / 1967] The Velvet Underground 19:2
  21. 7 The Gift [Live in New York City/1967] The Velvet Underground 10:24

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