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Let's Wiggle

The Wiggles 8/1/2000


This U.S. collection of early Wiggles material offers up 22 sunny songs, the majority of which are under two minutes in length. Not a concept disc like most of the group's releases, Let's Wiggle nevertheless reflects many of the ideas that the children's music superstars from Australia would later expand on. Hence, you'll find bright original numbers for the tots to dance to, some traditional songs, and a dash of ethnic variety. Most of the numbers are cheery but there are also some more laid-back cuts, such as the peaceful "The Dreaming Song" (a reference to the legendary "dream time" of the Australian Aborigine people), complete with didgeridoo. The guys "sugar up" rock & roll, country, folk, and other musical forms as they deliver such goodies as the bouncy big-band number "Get Ready to Wiggle," the fiddle-riddled jig "Silver Bells (That Ring in the Night)," the traditional sea shanty "Bound for South Australia," and the extra-jolly marching song "I Look in the Mirror." From start to finish, it's clear that the Wiggles understand kids and how to regale and engage them. A swag of great songs with fun themes and positive messages. ~ Adrian Zupp
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Get Ready to Wiggle The Wiggles 2:3
  3. 2 Rock-A-Bye Your Bear The Wiggles 1:24
  4. 3 Dorothy the Dinosaur The Wiggles 2:13
  5. 4 We're All Friends The Wiggles 1:50
  6. 5 Little Brown Ant The Wiggles 1:4
  7. 6 Uncle Noah's Ark The Wiggles 2:25
  8. 7 Dorothy's Birthday Party The Wiggles 1:56
  9. 8 Here Comes a Bear The Wiggles 1:22
  10. 9 Henry the Octopus The Wiggles 1:26
  11. 10 Silver Bells (That Ring in the Night) The Wiggles 2:11
  12. 11 Poesje Mauw The Wiggles 0:58
  13. 12 I Love It When It Rains The Wiggles 1:8
  14. 13 Sing a Song of Polly The Wiggles 1:5
  15. 14 Bound for South Australia The Wiggles 1:19
  16. 15 The Gypsy Rover The Wiggles 2:9
  17. 16 I Look in the Mirror The Wiggles 1:42
  18. 17 Lechoo Yeladim The Wiggles 1:31
  19. 18 Dancing Ride The Wiggles 2:2
  20. 19 Whenever I Hear This Music The Wiggles 1:6
  21. 20 Fly Through the Air The Wiggles 1:12
  22. 21 The Dreaming Song The Wiggles 1:38
  23. 22 The Lion and the Unicorn The Wiggles 1:46

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