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But I Could Be Wrong

Tim Wilson 3/20/2007


Comedian Tim Wilson's discography is a strange mix of seemingly tossed-off efforts and ambitious projects. His loyal fan base has had to hang on tight with twists and turns like his Soul Train inspired concept album Super Bad Sounds of the 70s. His 2007 album But I Could Be Wrong is bound to shake off another batch of fans since it proudly wears a Parental Advisory sticker and Wilson's material is now closer to Chinga Chavin territory than it's ever been. The good news is it suits him just fine, and there's plenty of A-list material that doesn't rely on cussing, like the bitter and smart "Way out in the Country" or better yet, "Deddy Worked," which must have been stolen when Kinky Friedman wasn't looking. The populist stuff made for morning radio jocks is still here ("Disco Ball" which focuses on football) and politically incorrect moments like "Pork Rind Airlines" (as in "the terrorists won't be ridin' no...") are still impossible to defend. Even harder to explain is the allure of his standup which is casual, messy, and built more for chuckling that laughing. Still there's a homemade and rebel charm to it all and the serious filth, wrier lyrics, and new Brooks & Dunn look suit Wilson better than expected. He may be getting older, but he's definitely not clamping down, making this generally tossed-off effort more appealing than it has any right to be. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Southern Accents Tim Wilson 4:36
  3. 2 But I Could Be Wrong Tim Wilson 2:57
  4. 3 No Smoker Show Tim Wilson 0:47
  5. 4 Old Dude in the Front Tim Wilson 2:11
  6. 5 Women Tickle Me Tim Wilson 0:35
  7. 6 Bed Pan Man Tim Wilson 0:54
  8. 7 Starve to Damn Death Tim Wilson 2:37
  9. 8 Hot Ass Station Wagons Tim Wilson 1:48
  10. 9 Grocery Store Lady Tim Wilson 3:23
  11. 10 Deddy Worked Tim Wilson 2:11
  12. 11 Libertarian Tim Wilson 1:1
  13. 12 FEMA Tim Wilson 1:23
  14. 13 Way out in the Country Tim Wilson 3:28
  15. 14 Explaining Bill Monroe Tim Wilson 2:47
  16. 15 Jane Ketchup Stain Tim Wilson 1:46
  17. 16 Reality TV/Paul Sr./Dog the Bounty Hunter Tim Wilson 1:29
  18. 17 Steroids in Sports Tim Wilson 1:6
  19. 18 Disco Ball Tim Wilson 3:26
  20. 19 Duke and Clint Tim Wilson 2:22
  21. 20 Pork Rind Airlines Tim Wilson 1:45
  22. 21 Sick of Me Tim Wilson 3:2

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