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Stay Hungry: 25th Anniversary Edition

Twisted Sister 6/30/2009


After nearly a decade trying to make it to "The Show," Twisted Sister were finally up to bat. Their first album was a wild swing, their second had flown just barely foul, but with their third -- the unstoppable Stay Hungry -- the New York veterans finally hit one out of the park. And few bands were as deserving. Having paid their dues on the tough as nails N.Y.C. club scene (half of the band looked like the Ramones, the other half like the Dictators, and Dee Snider looked like, well, Dee Snider), Twisted Sister had finally worn down the opposition and truly arrived. With their comedic videos and bubblegum undertones, hit singles "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock" helped the band bridge the "beauty gap" into MTV acceptance, and a competent power ballad in "The Price" would cement their consumer-friendly status. But it was the irrefutable menace of tracks like "The Beast," "S.M.F.," and the massive "Burn in Hell" that connected with their loyal fans and displayed Twisted Sister's true power. Equally grim, "Captain Howdy" and "Street Justice" -- the two songs comprising the "Horror-teria" suite (later the basis for Snider's ill-fated movie project Strangeland) -- are a cross between Alice Cooper and its stated source of influence, Stephen King. And don't forget the all-out metal ambition of the title track. Ironically, the album's very mainstream appeal would alienate their core heavy metal fan base and spell the band's overexposure-induced fall from grace, but for this brief moment, Twisted Sister were truly the "talk of the town, top of the heap." [In 2009, Rhino released the 25th Anniversary Edition of Stay Hungry which included a re-mastered version of the original album, as well as a bonus disc with sixteen previously unissued tracks and one newly recorded cut.] ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Stay Hungry Twisted Sister 3:2
  3. 2 We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister 3:37
  4. 3 Burn in Hell Twisted Sister 4:40
  5. 4 Street Justice Twisted Sister 7:42
  6. 5 I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister 3:1
  7. 6 The Price Twisted Sister 3:44
  8. 7 Don't Let Me Down Twisted Sister 4:25
  9. 8 The Beast Twisted Sister 3:30
  10. 9 S.M.F. Twisted Sister 3:0
  11. 1 Death from Above [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 2:42
  12. 2 Prime Motivator [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 2:24
  13. 3 We're Not Going to Take It [Early Demo] Twisted Sister 2:46
  14. 4 Death Run [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 1:44
  15. 5 This One's for You [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 1:59
  16. 6 S.M.F. [Early Demo] Twisted Sister 2:13
  17. 7 We're Coming On [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 1:42
  18. 8 Call My Name [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 2:9
  19. 9 Burn in Hell [Early Demo] Twisted Sister 5:7
  20. 10 Pay the Price [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 1:41
  21. 11 What's Love Without You [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 1:45
  22. 12 Our Voice Will Be Heard [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 1:29
  23. 13 You Got to Fight [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 1:39
  24. 14 The Price [Early Demo] Twisted Sister 2:36
  25. 15 Stay Hungry [Early Demo] Twisted Sister 1:58
  26. 16 Kmet Radio Spot [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 0:24
  27. 17 30 [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 4:15
  28. 18 Lollipop Guild [Previously Unreleased] Twisted Sister 0:30

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