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The Best of U.T.F.O.

U.T.F.O. 11/19/1996


U.T.F.O. never had many hits. During the mid-'80s, the rap group released a series of singles, but only one stood out, and for good reason, because that song, "Roxanne, Roxanne," is one of the classic rap singles of all time. Though "Roxanne, Roxanne" only hit number ten on the R&B charts, it was far more popular than its chart position suggests, spawning a craze of answer records that ran for nearly two years. Unfortunately, U.T.F.O. never released anything else that quite matched the quality of "Roxanne, Roxanne," though their follow-up, "The Real Roxanne," was entertaining in its own right. Since the group had an uneven track record, The Best of U.T.F.O. is the best way to get acquainted with the group, even though it has a number of weak spots itself. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary items U.T.F.O. ever recorded, and "Roxanne, Roxanne" is a single that should be heard by all rap and hip-hop fans. ~ Leo Stanley
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Soul Train's Don Cornelius' (Intro) U.T.F.O. 0:12
  3. 2 Ya Cold Wanna Be wit Me U.T.F.O. 5:15
  4. 3 Hip Hop Props: U.T.F.O. 1:1
  5. 4 Split Personality U.T.F.O. 5:22
  6. 5 Leader of the Pack U.T.F.O. 4:56
  7. 6 Hip Hop Props: (DJ Red Alert) U.T.F.O. 1:1
  8. 7 Bite It U.T.F.O. 3:50
  9. 8 The Ride U.T.F.O. 4:26
  10. 9 Hip Hop Props: (MC Lyte) U.T.F.O. 0:52
  11. 10 Roxanne, Roxanne U.T.F.O. 5:9
  12. 11 Pick Up the Pace U.T.F.O. 3:9
  13. 12 Hip Hop Props: (Tuffy ) U.T.F.O. 0:47
  14. 13 Wanna Rock U.T.F.O. 4:59
  15. 14 Hip Hop Props: (Big Daddy Kane) U.T.F.O. 0:37
  16. 15 Bits and Pieces U.T.F.O. 3:56
  17. 16 Master-Baby U.T.F.O. 3:22
  18. 17 Hip Hop Props: (Run of Run-DMC) U.T.F.O. 0:47
  19. 18 Fairytale Lover U.T.F.O. 5:37
  20. 19 Hip Hop Props: (Prince Paul) U.T.F.O. 0:37
  21. 20 Lollipop U.T.F.O. 4:16

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