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The Great American Trailer Park Musical [Original Cast Recording]

Various Artists 11/7/2006


It has been said that any subject matter can be turned into art, though some subjects will strike one as less likely than others. Trailer parks, for instance, have provided comedians with a gristmill for jokes, since some genius first dreamed up the notion of recycling beer cans into living quarters. But one would be hard-pressed to name a classic novel or song about life in the trailer park (though the Cowboy Junkies' "Murder, Tonight, in the Trailer Park" may come close). That's what makes composer-lyricist David Nehls' The Great American Trailer Park Musical a noticeable oddity. Sh-K-Boom presents the musical's soundtrack in all of its ragged glory, from "This Side of the Tracks" to "Flushed Down the Pipes" to "Road Kill." The performances are lively and well done here, though one's enjoyment of the album will probably depend on whether one finds Nehls' lyrics funny or the same old, same old. He makes no attempt to circumvent the usual clichés about life in a trailer park, but instead embraces them with a joyful glee. Obviously, this send-up of an American eyesore is tailor-made for middle- and upper-class Americans, and it's possible that one might feel differently about The Great American Trailer Park Musical if he or she actually lives in a trailer park. For fans of the musical, The Great American Trailer Park Musical succeeds by embracing unusual material in an energetic manner.
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The This Side of the Tracks Various Artists 7:33
  3. 2 The One Step Closer Original Broadway Cast 3:18
  4. 3 The Buck Stops Here Various Artists 2:37
  5. 4 The It Doesn't Take a Genius Various Artists 3:50
  6. 5 The Owner of My Heart Various Artists 3:13
  7. 6 The Great American TV Show Various Artists 5:20
  8. 7 The Flushed Down the Pipes Various Artists 3:52
  9. 8 The Storm's A-Brewin' Various Artists 4:12
  10. 9 The Road Kill Various Artists 3:6
  11. 10 The But He's Mine / It's Never Easy Various Artists 4:11
  12. 11 The That's Why I Love My Man Various Artists 2:40
  13. 12 The Panic Various Artists 2:5
  14. 13 The Finale Various Artists 5:0
  15. 14 The This Side of the Tracks (Reprise) Various Artists 0:44

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