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American rock quintet 311 fused reggae, hip-hop, funk, and metal in a rhythmic blend that carried them from the rap-rock boom of the '90s and into the 2000s as a veteran mainstay with a devoted fan base. The band was formed in 1990 in Omaha, Nebraska, by singer/guitarist Nick Hexum, DJ/singer Doug "S.A." Martinez, guitarist Tim Mahoney, drummer Chad Sexton, and bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills. Taking their name from the Omaha Police Department's code for indecent exposure, the quintet began performing locally and soon moved to Los Angeles, signing with Capricorn Records in 1991. 311 then translated their regional success into national recognition with several key albums, including 1992's Music, 1993's Grassroots, and 1995's eponymous 311 (aka The Blue Album), the latter of which reached number 12 on the Billboard 200, sold three million copies in the U.S., and sported the hit tracks "All Mixed Up" and "Down." In 1996, following a year of nonstop touring in support of 311, the band released Enlarged to Show Detail, a home video of live performances taken from amphitheater shows in Kansas City and Denver. Transistor, a double album of new songs sandwiched onto one CD, arrived one year later and prompted the group's most ambitious tour yet. The effort quickly achieved platinum status, and the resulting show dates provided ample material for Live, which was released in 1998 and captured the band's strength on stage. A year later, 311 returned with Soundsystem before jumping to the Volcano label for the release of From Chaos, which appeared in summer 2001 and featured their hit, "Amber." Evolver arrived two years later; unlike its predecessors, however, the album failed to go gold or platinum. At that point, 311 had been together over ten years and the band celebrated its decade-plus existence with the Greatest Hits compilation. Released in July 2004, the album included all of 311's hit singles, several new tracks, and the band's reggae-tinged cover of the Cure's "Love Song," which had originally appeared on the soundtrack to the Adam Sandler film 50 First Dates. In August 2005, the group issued their eighth LP, Don't Tread on Me, which peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 and was followed by an additional round of touring. Upon its completion, the road-weary musicians took a hiatus, their first break in nearly a decade. 311 soon returned to the studio, however, this time partnering with producer Bob Rock. Heralded by frontman Nick Hexum as "the heaviest 311 has ever been," the resulting Uplifter arrived in 2009. That album shot to number three on the Billboard charts, the band's highest showing to date. Rock returned to the helm in 2011 for the band's tenth studio album, Universal Pulse, which was the band's first indie release. On March 11, 2014, 311 self-released their 11th studio effort, the Scott "Scotch" Ralston-produced and independently released Stereolithic. A live album and four-disc Archive set filled the time until album number 12, which arrived in the summer of 2017. Produced by Ralston and John Feldmann (Goldfinger, blink-182), the 17-track Mosaic featured the singles "Too Late" and "Too Much to Think." While on tour promoting the album with the Offspring, 311 recorded a cover of their tourmates' "Self-Esteem" (while the Offspring took a swing at 311's "Down"), their only output for 2018. The following year, they returned with 13th set, Voyager. Released in the summer of 2019, the set was produced by Ralston and Feldmann, with additional contributions by British electronic producer Matan Zohar on the single "Don't You Worry." ~ Cub Koda & Neil Z. Yeung
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   All Mixed Up
  3.   Down
  4.   Come Original
  5.   Love Song
  6.   Amber
  7.   Don't Stay Home
  8.   Beautiful Disaster
  9.   Transistor
  10.   Too Much to Think
  11.   I'll Be Here Awhile
  12.   First Straw
  13.   Do You Right
  14.   Random
  15.   Crossfire
  16.   What the?!
  17.   Space and Time
  18.   Salsa
  19.   Sunset in July
  20.   Writer's Block Party
  21.   First Dimension
  22.   Flowing
  23.   Grassroots
  24.   Good Feeling
  25.   Don't Tread on Me
  26.   Creatures (For a While)
  27.   Don't You Worry
  28.   Use of Time
  29.   Better Space
  30.   Five of Everything
  31.   Champagne
  32.   Plain
  33.   My Heart Sings
  34.   Dodging Raindrops
  35.   Too Late
  36.   Vape 'n Away
  37.   Freak Out
  38.   Stainless
  39.   Livin N' Rockin
  40.   Old Funk
  41.   Dreamland
  42.   Friday Afternoon
  43.   Rock On
  44.   Never Ending Summer
  45.   Golden Sunlight
  46.   Waiting
  47.   You Wouldn't Believe
  48.   My Stoney Baby
  49.   Livin' & Rockin'
  50.   Purpose
  51.   Hive
  52.   Tribute
  53.   Nix Hex
  54.   Running
  55.   Homebrew
  56.   Rolling Through
  57.   Self Esteem
  58.   Face in the Wind
  59.   Island Sun
  60.   The Night Is Young
  61.   Week of Saturdays
  62.   Space Funk
  63.   Everything
  64.   Next
  65.   Made in the Shade
  66.   Sand Dollars
  67.   Revelation of the Year
  68.   Crak the Code
  69.   Too Much Too Fast
  70.   Whiskey & Wine
  71.   Let the Cards Fall
  72.   Outside
  73.   1, 2, 3
  74.   Lose
  75.   Fat Chance
  76.   Paradise
  77.   Welcome
  78.   Life's Not a Race
  79.   Feels So Good
  80.   Misdirected Hostility
  81.   Prisoner
  82.   No Control
  83.   Who's Got the Herb?
  84.   Lucid Dreams
  85.   Born to Live
  86.   On a Roll
  87.   Syntax Error
  88.   One and the Same
  89.   Forever Now
  90.   Hey Yo
  91.   'Til the City's on Fire
  92.   Inside Our Home
  93.   Extension
  94.   Simplify
  95.   Stealing My Girl
  96.   Time Is Precious
  97.   Earth People
  98.   Sun Come Through
  99.   How Long Has It Been
  100.   Dancehall
  101.   Simple True
  102.   The Great Divide
  103.   Boom Shanka
  104.   Ebb and Flow
  105.   Weightless
  106.   Count Me In
  107.   What Do You Do
  108.   We Do It Like This (Bonus Track)
  109.   Two Drops in the Ocean
  110.   Something Out of Nothing
  111.   It's Alright
  112.   There's Always an Excuse
  113.   Long for the Flowers
  114.   Solar Flare
  115.   Speak Easy
  116.   Juan Bond
  117.   Other Side of Things
  118.   Give Me a Call
  119.   Still Dreaming
  120.   Seems Uncertain
  121.   Beyond the Gray Sky
  122.   Reconsider Everything
  123.   From Chaos
  124.   You Get Worked
  125.   Gap
  126.   Six
  127.   Taiyed
  128.   8:16 A.M.
  129.   Unity
  130.   Visit
  131.   Eons
  132.   Sever
  133.   Large in the Margin
  134.   Freeze Time
  135.   T & P Combo
  136.   Dlmd
  137.   Jackolantern's Weather
  138.   Omaha Stylee
  139.   Applied Science
  140.   What Was I Thinking
  141.   Electricity
  142.   Inner Light Spectrum
  143.   Galaxy
  144.   Stealing Happy Hours
  145.   Borders
  146.   Starshines
  147.   Tune In
  148.   Nutsymptom
  149.   Hydroponic
  150.   Showdown
  151.   Creature Feature
  152.   Will the World
  153.   Tranquility
  154.   The Call
  155.   Existential Hero
  156.   Make It Rough
  157.   Blizza
  158.   Wild Nights
  159.   Trouble
  160.   Time Bomb
  161.   Get Down
  162.   Mix It Up
  163.   Jackpot
  164.   Hey You
  165.   Little Brother
  166.   It's Getting OK Now
  167.   Getting Through to Her
  168.   Summer of Love
  169.   How Do You Feel?
  170.   Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm
  171.   Same Mistake Twice
  172.   I Told Myself
  173.   Full Ride
  174.   Sick Tight
  175.   Offbeat Bare Ass
  176.   Silver
  177.   Mindspin
  178.   Leaving Babylon
  179.   Evolution
  180.   Strong All Along
  181.   Can't Fade Me
  182.   Rub a Dub
  183.   Strangers
  184.   Jupiter
  185.   The Continuous Life
  186.   Color
  187.   Light Years
  188.   Guns (Are For Pussies)
  189.   Loco
  190.   Brodels
  191.   Sweet
  192.   Perfect Mistake
  193.   Lucky
  194.   Dream State
  195.   Wildfire
  196.   Into the Flame
  197.   Seal the Deal
  198.   Lemming
  199.   The Quickening
  200.   Grifter
  201.   Bomb the Town