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An independent-minded singer and songwriter in the Texas honky tonk tradition, Aaron Watson plays country music with a traditional feel but a young man's energy, and has earned a loyal fan following in the Lone Star State. Born in Amarillo, Texas, Watson's earliest musical influences were the gospel hymns he sang in church with his family and the classic country records by George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson his folks played around the house. Watson began writing and singing his own songs while he was a student at Abilene Christian University, and after graduating he became a regular fixture on the Texas honky tonk circuit. In 2002 Watson released his first album, Shutupanddance, which was a major success in Texas, spawning the hit singles "Off the Record," "I Don't Want You to Go (But I Need You to Leave)," and the title tune. The album also earned him airplay and media attention nationwide, and Watson followed up his debut in 2004 with The Honky Tonk Kid, which was produced by Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel and featured guest vocals from Watson's hero, Willie Nelson. Watson and his band the Orphans of the Brazos captured their energetic live set on tape with their 2005 release Live at the Texas Hall of Fame, and Watson returned to the studio in 2006 for his fourth album, San Angelo. In 2008, Watson began transforming his sound -- albeit subtly and without leaving his Texas roots behind -- toward a more contemporary country radio-friendly approach on the reflective Angels & Outlaws. In 2010 he released The Road & the Rodeo, returning to more uptempo material, while smoothing his edges further. The result was more airplay, higher-profile touring engagements, and charting inside Billboard's Top 200. Watson's success continued to grow with 2012's Real Good Time, which rose to number nine on the Billboard Country Albums chart and cracked the Top 20 of the Independent Albums survey. And Watson scored a major breakthrough with 2015's The Underdog. Belying the album's title, The Underdog (produced by Keith Stegall, who also worked with George Jones and Alan Jackson) made its debut on the Billboard Country Albums chart at number one, the first time a male artist on an independent label had topped the chart in his first week. "That Look," a single drawn from the album, also hit the Country Airplay chart, topping out at 47, and another, "Getaway Truck," was a radio hit in Watson's native Texas. The hard-working Watson did plenty of touring in support of the album, playing 148 shows in 2015. He regrouped in 2016 and returned in early 2017 with Vaquero, notching another hit in "Outta Style" and rising to number two on the Top Country Albums Chart. ~ Mark Deming
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   That Look
  3.   Outta Style
  4.   Run Wild Horses
  5.   Freight Train
  6.   Leather & Lace by Elizabeth Cook
  7.   Raise Your Bottle
  8.   Lips
  9.   These Old Boots Have Roots
  10.   Fence Post
  11.   Getaway Truck
  12.   3rd Gear & 17
  13.   Reckless
  14.   Bluebonnets (Julia's Song)
  15.   They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
  16.   Barbed Wire Halo
  17.   Rollercoaster Ride
  18.   July in Cheyenne
  19.   Off the Record
  20.   Texas Boys featuring Josh Abbott
  21.   That's Why God Loves Cowboys
  22.   Be My Girl
  23.   Take You Home Tonight
  24.   One Two Step at a Time
  25.   I Don't Want You to Go (When All Those Aggies Move to Austin)
  26.   Texas Lullaby
  27.   Real Good Time
  28.   Blame It on Me
  29.   The Right Place
  30.   Shut Up and Dance
  31.   Good Thing Going
  32.   Dancin' Shoes
  33.   In Harm's Way
  34.   Sweetheart of the Rodeo
  35.   Intro
  36.   Rolling Stone
  37.   The Arrow
  38.   The Underdog
  39.   I Met Jesus In A Bar
  40.   Zero to Sixty
  41.   Walls
  42.   Road & the Rodeo
  43.   High Price of Fame
  44.   Drivin' All Night Long
  45.   Bless Her Crazy Heart
  46.   Best for Last
  47.   East Bound and Down
  48.   Love Makin' Song
  49.   Unbelievably Beautiful
  50.   Songs About Saturday Night
  51.   Wish I Could Say I'd Been Drinking
  52.   Mariano's Dream
  53.   Tulsa
  54.   That's What I Like About a Country Song
  55.   Wake Up & Smell the Coffee
  56.   Hearts Are Breaking Across Texas
  57.   Breaker Breaker One Nine
  58.   Messing With a Man on a Mission
  59.   Whiskey on the Fire
  60.   Lonely Lubbock Lights
  61.   Higher Ground
  62.   Run Wild Horses
  63.   Crazy
  64.   Diamonds and Daughters
  65.   Amen Amigo
  66.   Clear Isabel
  67.   One of Your Nights
  68.   Wildfire
  69.   The Prayer
  70.   Amazing Grace (with Kina Lankford)
  71.   Farther Along (with Kina Lankford)
  72.   Philippians 3: 12-14 (reading by Billy Joe Shaver)
  73.   Thing Called Love
  74.   Off the Record
  75.   Fish
  76.   The Things You'll Do
  77.   Hollywood
  78.   Amarillo Fair
  79.   The Blue Flute by Charlie Wayne
  80.   Electric Indian by Charlie Wayne
  81.   Show Her That You Love Her
  82.   On the Losing End
  83.   Old Man Walker's Property
  84.   What's Her Name
  85.   Still Fiddlin' Around
  86.   There Goes My Cowgirl
  87.   The Orphans of the Brazos Band
  88.   Bob Willis Is Still the King
  89.   Philippians 3:12-14 by Billy Joe Shaver
  90.   Can't Be a Cowboy Forever
  91.   All American Country Girl
  92.   Except for Jessie
  93.   San Angelo
  94.   Haunted House
  95.   Heyday Tonight
  96.   Thanks a Lot
  97.   If You're Not in Love (Foggy Mountain Breakdown)
  98.   The Honky Tonk Kid
  99.   Kentucky Coal Miner's Prayer
  100.   Escept for Jessie
  101.   Some Never Will
  102.   To the Morning by Charlie Wayne
  103.   Fool's Paradise
  104.   The Notel Motel
  105.   Big Love in a Small Town
  106.   Rodeo Queen
  107.   Romans 7:24-25 (reading by Billy Joe Shaver)
  108.   Just Married
  109.   Blue Skies
  110.   Deer Blind featuring John Anderson
  111.   Cadillac Cowboy by Justin McBride
  112.   Summertime Girl
  113.   I've Always Loved You
  114.   Fast Cars Slow Kisses
  115.   A Texas Cafe
  116.   Tonight's Ceremony by Charlie Wayne
  117.   Lover's Dream by Charlie Wayne
  118.   Fancy Dancer's Song by Charlie Wayne
  119.   Every Time I Hear These Songs
  120.   Language of Love
  121.   When All Theses Aggies Move to Austin
  122.   Thanks for Freedom
  123.   Angels & Outlaws
  124.   Nobody's Crying But the Baby
  125.   True Love Ways
  126.   Next to Heaven
  127.   Diesel Drivin' Daddy
  128.   Mackenzie Park
  129.   Honky Tonkin' Around Texas
  130.   Heaven Help the Heart
  131.   Something With a Swing to It
  132.   Stuck Between a Rock and a Heartache
  133.   Wrangler Butts
  134.   What She Doesn't Know
  135.   What She Don't Know
  136.   Charlene Gene
  137.   I'm a Memory
  138.   Turn Around
  139.   Sweet Contradiction
  140.   Long Vacation
  141.   Let's Lose Some Sleep Tonight
  142.   Not Just Another Pretty Face
  143.   If Hendrix Had a Flute by Charlie Wayne
  144.   Nothing But The Blood
  145.   Just a Call
  146.   Houston
  147.   Thank God For Country Girls
  148.   Wind Star by Charlie Wayne
  149.   A Turquoise Guitar by Charlie Wayne
  150.   Bullets and Arrows by Charlie Wayne
  151.   That's Gonna Leave a Mark
  152.   Will You Love Me in a Trailer?
  153.   Old Chunk Of Coal
  154.   After the Rodeo
  155.   Horses in the Sky by Charlie Wayne
  156.   Carolina by Charlie Wayne
  157.   The Road
  158.   The Fighting Side of Me
  159.   Grandad, Paw Paw, John Pop & Mr Pete
  160.   Heart of Life
  161.   Strong Arm of the Law
  162.   Nowhere Fast
  163.   For What It's Worth
  164.   Where The River Flows
  165.   Butterflies and Bumblebees by Charlie Wayne
  166.   Blame It on Those Baby Blues
  167.   Family Tree
  168.   Silver Wings
  169.   Conflict
  170.   Sonshine
  171.   Hey Y'All
  172.   John 8:12 (reading by Billy Joe Shaver)
  173.   Red Dusk by Charlie Wayne
  174.   Going to Texas
  175.   Vaquero
  176.   Somewhere in the Desert by Charlie Wayne
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