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Ace were one of the few pub rock groups to enjoy success on the pop charts, largely due to the warm, soulful vocals of Paul Carrack. While Carrack's voice certainly had crossover appeal -- as he would later prove with his own records, as well as his work with Squeeze and Roxy Music -- the band was also less devoted to the three-chord boogie and country-rock that marked most pub rock bands, favoring soulful R&B. And while they did have hits, their time in the spotlight was brief, and they fell apart shortly after Carrack left for a solo career. Phil Harris (guitar) and Alan "Bam" King (guitar, vocal) formed Ace in 1972, recruiting Paul Carrack (keyboards, vocals), Terry "Tex" Comer (bass), and Steve Witherington (drums) over the course of the next year. Before the group began recording, they went through several drummers -- Witherington was replaced by Chico Greenwood, who was later replaced by Fran Byrne in 1974. After developing a small but dedicated following on the pub rock circuit, Ace signed with Anchor Records and recorded Five-a-Side. "How Long" -- a song about Comer leaving the band briefly to play with the Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, and his subsequent return -- was released as the first single. Most listeners interpreted the song as an ode to a crumbling love affair, and it became a fluke hit in both the U.K. and the U.S. Ace released Time for Another in 1975, but it was generally ignored, especially since the popularity of pub rock was declining rapidly. Harris left the band in early 1976 and was replaced by John Woodhead. Later that year, Ace opened unsuccessfully for Yes, and then moved to Los Angeles, hoping that the U.S. would prove more receptive to their music. It wasn't. Ace released a final album, No Strings, in 1977 and then disbanded. Comer, Carrack, and Byrne all joined Frankie Miller, but by 1979, Carrack had left to sing with Roxy Music. Following his time with Roxy, he launched a solo career, which he balanced with playing with artists like Squeeze, Nick Lowe, and Mike + the Mechanics. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   How Long
  3.   Biggie Small$$
  4.   Satellite
  5.   Crazy World
  6.   You Can't Lose
  7.   100 Reasons
  8.   Sexy Body
  9.   Movin'
  10.   Interlude 2
  11.   Gleaming in the Gloom
  12.   I Don't Even
  13.   The Wild Card
  14.   Knocking at Your Door
  15.   I Can't Deny It
  16.   Color Bus
  17.   I'm Not Takin' It Out on You
  18.   Money Talk
  19.   Black Love
  20.   Alone Out There
  21.   Catch It
  22.   Let's Get Away featuring Sleepy Malo
  23.   Valley Dreaming featuring Solo Sinatra
  24.   Take Over
  25.   Red Cup
  26.   Remain the Same
  27.   Money
  28.   Push
  29.   Never Give Up
  30.   Good Day (Gonna Be Okay)
  31.   Alphabet Song
  32.   I Love You
  33.   Every Things Out in the Open
  34.   Deewana
  35.   I Am Different
  36.   Still My Baby
  37.   Let's Hang On
  38.   Stay Stunting
  39.   Mo'
  40.   Time Will Tell
  41.   Interlude 1
  42.   Celebration
  43.   Killer Joe
  44.   Commitment
  45.   Golden Era
  46.   What's a Man to Do
  47.   Take a Look
  48.   You're All That I Need
  49.   Sunset
  50.   I'll Be Alright
  51.   Cuff Ya Chick
  52.   Reading Blues
  53.   Looking 4 Love
  54.   Without Your love
  55.   You Still Turn Me On
  56.   Street Wars
  57.   Deep Trouble
  58.   Tongue Tied
  59.   Salute
  60.   G Thang
  61.   Tru Playa
  62.   New Level by Sabrina
  63.   Don't Look Away
  64.   Crossroads
  65.   Keep Pushin On
  66.   Protect Your Own
  67.   No More Heartache
  68.   Man Down
  69.   Keep It 100
  70.   Waited
  71.   Fucked the Game Up
  72.   Super High
  73.   2015 Freestyle
  74.   What a Day (Mf Flow)
  75.   Ballin n Shootin
  76.   Dear God (Late Nights)
  77.   You & I
  78.   Sunday Night by Sleepy Malo
  79.   LA Times
  80.   Believe by Problem
  81.   Interlude
  82.   Amphetamine
  83.   Nine to Five
  84.   Holla at Me
  85.   Do It Like Us
  86.   Lie's
  87.   What's the Proposition
  88.   Keep It Rockin
  89.   We Gonna Be
  90.   Love Affairs
  91.   Interlude 3
  92.   September Love
  93.   Revolution
  94.   Life On the Line by Peace
  95.   Intro
  96.   Forgive Me
  97.   Do What You Do
  98.   Sweat
  99.   Physical
  100.   Jumpin' Monkeys
  101.   Counting March
  102.   Move Your Body
  103.   Get On Up
  104.   What Love's About
  105.   Baby Girl
  106.   Found Out the Hard Way
  107.   Why Did You Leave Me?
  108.   C'est La Vie
  109.   Rock and Roll Singer
  110.   Time Ain't Long
  111.   Why
  112.   24 Hours
  113.   Rock & Roll Runaway
  114.   Sniffin' About
  115.   Ain't Gonna Stand for This No More
  116.   This Is What You Find
  117.   Message to You
  118.   Does It Hurt You
  119.   The Pressure
  120.   Another Day by Sydney Robinson
  121.   Baby Girl by Kokane
  122.   Simply Maybe
  123.   Call Me
  124.   Giggin
  125.   I Think It's Gonna Last
  126.   She Loving Me
  127.   P.S.A
  128.   Fast Lane
  129.   Better Dayz
  130.   Create Magic
  131.   I'm Happy
  132.   Spend The Night
  133.   Jackers by Toe
  134.   Messed the Game Up
  135.   Outro
  136.   Strange 4 Sum Change by Luccibones
  137.   California
  138.   Sky Crying
  139.   No Future in Your Eyes
  140.   It's M.O.B.G by Sleepy Malo
  141.   Sail on My Brother
  142.   Body Parts Rock
  143.   The Price
  144.   Wake Up
  145.   The Real Feeling
  146.   So Long
  147.   This Time
  148.   Dragonfire
  149.   Antithesis
  150.   I'm Angry
  151.   Hold Me in Your Arms
  152.   Dreams
  153.   They Always Come Back
  154.   Keep One Around Me
  155.   In the 818 featuring Sleepy Malo
  156.   Don't Get Mad
  157.   I'm a Man by Paul Carrack
  158.   If I Could Open Up My Heart
  159.   No Lack
  160.   My World
  161.   Until You Are Mine
  162.   Devil Inside Me
  163.   Dream Girl featuring Sleepy Malo
  164.   When Ya Man Aint Home
  165.   Hard to Be Yourself
  166.   Wear me down
  167.   So Sorry Baby
  168.   From 'Round Us
  169.   Iphone
  170.   We Back Intro
  171.   Know How It Feels
  172.   Reflect
  173.   Good Life
  174.   Errr Day
  175.   Try New Foods
  176.   New Begining
  177.   Ready to Go
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