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When they appeared in the early '80s, Asia seemed to be a holdover from the '70s, when supergroups and self-important progressive rockers reigned supreme. Featuring members of such seminal art rock bands as King Crimson (John Wetton), Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Carl Palmer), and Yes (Steve Howe), as well as Geoff Downes from the Buggles, Asia did feature stretches of indulgent instrumentals on their records. However, they also could be surprisingly poppy, and that is what brought them to the top of the charts with their debut album, Asia, and its hit single, "Heat of the Moment." Alpha, their second album, also had a couple of hits ("Don't Cry" and "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes") but its follow-up, Astra, was a flop. The group disbanded in 1985, only to reunite in 1990 without John Wetton; John Payne took his place. After churning out a couple of new songs for a greatest-hits collection, the band hit the road, including two sold-out dates in front of 20,000 fans in Moscow. Thereafter, they toured sporadically and released Aqua (1992), Aria (1994), Arena (1996), Aura (2001), and Silent Nation (2004). The band's lineup reverted to its original form featuring Wetton, Palmer, Howe, and Downes for Phoenix (2008) and Omega (2010). In 2012, the original Asia lineup returned with the studio album XXX, featuring the single "Face on the Bridge." The following year, Howe announced his amicable departure from the group to pursue other projects, and in 2014 Asia released the album Gravitas, featuring new guitarist Sam Coulson. In January 2017, a month and a half before the scheduled beginning of an extensive U.S. tour by the band, John Wetton died from colon cancer at the age of 67. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Heat of the Moment
  3.   Only Time Will Tell
  4.   Don't Cry
  5.   Voice of America
  6.   Only Time Can Tell
  7.   Sole Survivor
  8.   Wildest Dreams
  9.   The Heat Goes On
  10.   Who Will Stop the Rain?
  11.   Nuthin Left featuring Diego Tha Gogetta
  12.   Face on the Bridge
  13.   Clap
  14.   My Own Time (I'll Do What I Want)
  15.   Falling
  16.   Video Killed the Radio Star
  17.   Wherever You Are
  18.   More Than a Feeling featuring Alan White
  19.   The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
  20.   Inima mea (negativ)
  21.   Nyctophobia
  22.   Emily
  23.   Finger On the Trigger
  24.   Shadows by Geoffrey Downes
  25.   Confortably Numb by Chris Squire
  26.   Never Again
  27.   In the Court of the Crimson King
  28.   Midnight
  29.   Rendezvous
  30.   Aura
  31.   Midnight Sun
  32.   Starless
  33.   Aria
  34.   Remembrance Day
  35.   Here Comes the Feeling
  36.   Cutting It Fine
  37.   Time Again
  38.   Days Like These
  39.   Sunt langa tine
  40.   Da-Mi noptile-napoi
  41.   Holy War
  42.   Into the Arena
  43.   Degeaba
  44.   Moon Under the Water
  45.   Two Sides of the Moon
  46.   Daylight
  47.   The First Time Baby Is A Holiday
  48.   Bad Chick
  49.   Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  50.   Holy War/Drum Solo
  51.   The Golden Mean
  52.   Pyramidology
  53.   Introduction
  54.   Pentru tine
  55.   Maine in zori
  56.   Trenul pierdut
  57.   O iubire de-o vara
  58.   Hei, hei, hei
  59.   Suna periculos
  60.   Ramai cu mine
  61.   Razbunarea mea
  62.   Heaven Help Me Now: Wings of Angels/Prelude/Heaven Help Me Now
  63.   Russian Dolls
  64.   The Closer I Get to You
  65.   Judas
  66.   I Know How You Feel
  67.   No Religion
  68.   Bury Me in Willow
  69.   Tomorrow the World
  70.   Cutting It Fine/Bolero
  71.   End of the World
  72.   Through My Veins
  73.   Ever Yours
  74.   Listen Children
  75.   The Thin Ice
  76.   Mother
  77.   Brain Damage
  78.   Black Dog by Keith Emerson
  79.   Steve Howe - Guitar Solo
  80.   An Extraordinary Life
  81.   Over and Over
  82.   Wish I'd Known All Along
  83.   Shadow of a Doubt
  84.   I Will Remember You
  85.   Heroine
  86.   Nothing's Forever
  87.   Roundabout
  88.   Intersection Blues
  89.   Fanfare for the Common Man
  90.   Rememberance Day
  91.   Darkness Day
  92.   Ghost in the Mirror
  93.   Silent Nation
  94.   Blue Moon Monday
  95.   Long Way from Home
  96.   What About Love
  97.   Praying For a Miracle
  98.   Bolero (Cutting It Fine)
  99.   Am I in Love?
  100.   Valley of Rocks
  101.   Suspicion
  102.   Love Now Till Eternity
  103.   You're The Stranger
  104.   Free
  105.   On the Coldest Day in Hell
  106.   Kings of the Day
  107.   Forgive Me
  108.   Awake
  109.   After the War
  110.   Wishing
  111.   Heaven on Earth
  112.   Don't Call Me
  113.   Countdown to Zero
  114.   The Last to Know
  115.   Ride Easy
  116.   Too Late
  117.   Keyboard Solo
  118.   Eye to Eye
  119.   Different Worlds
  120.   U Bring Me Down
  121.   Words
  122.   Heaven
  123.   Arena
  124.   Military Man
  125.   Feels Like Love
  126.   Don't Cut the Wire (Brother)
  127.   Desire
  128.   Are You Big Enough?
  129.   Anytime
  130.   Rock and Roll Dream
  131.   Love Under Fire
  132.   Without You
  133.   One Step Closer
  134.   Open Your Eyes
  135.   Go
  136.   I Believe
  137.   Reality
  138.   A.L.O.
  139.   Boys from Diamond City
  140.   The Mariners Dream
  141.   We Fall Apart
  142.   Fight Against the Tide
  143.   Tears
  144.   Right to Cry
  145.   Can't Tell These Walls
  146.   Showdown
  147.   Satellite Blues
  148.   Heart of Gold
  149.   Aqua, Pt. 1
  150.   Summer
  151.   True Colors
  152.   Lay Down Your Arms
  153.   A Far Cry
  154.   Garsoniera ta
  155.   Til We Meet Again
  156.   Tell Me Why
  157.   Aqua I
  158.   Enough's Enough
  159.   Prayin' 4 a Miracle
  160.   Masquerade
  161.   Te voi iubi