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Charlie Palmieri



The older brother of Eddie Palmieri, Charlie Palmieri was every bit as gifted a pianist as his sibling, very percussive and responsive to rhythm while also flashing florid passages that were clearly the product of a classical education. His piano studies began at seven and he attended the Juilliard School of Music, turning pro at 16. He started the group El Conjunto Pin Pin in 1948, and then played in a series of ensembles -- including those of Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Pupi Campo -- before forming his own Charanga Duboney group in 1958. As music director of the Alegre All Stars while recording for the Alegre label in the 1960s, Palmieri stimulated competition among Latin labels like Tico and Fania, which formed their own all-star bands in response. Like many Latin jazz artists of the time, Palmieri flirted with the popular Latin boogaloo style in the 1960s and made some records for major labels like RCA Victor and Atlantic. He endured a near mental breakdown in 1969, but rebounded to work again for Puente on his El Mambo de Tito Puente television program, and he also found a second career as a historian and teacher of Latin music and history at various New York colleges in the 1970s. Palmieri moved briefly to Puerto Rico from 1980 to 1983, and after suffering a severe heart attack and stroke upon his return to New York, he recovered to lead various Latin combos, including Combo Gigante. One of his last recordings was a galvanizing cameo appearance on Mongo Santamaria's "Mayeya" in 1987 (now on Mongo's Afro Blue: The Picante Collection for Concord Picante), and he appeared in England for the first time in 1988 shortly before his death. Almost all of Palmieri's work is hard to find through domestic channels, but Messidor's A Giant Step is available on CD. ~ Richard S. Ginell
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Bitter Sweet
  3.   Clusters
  4.   Bugalu
  5.   Mambo Show
  6.   Remordimiento
  7.   Las Negritas De Carnaval
  8.   Sandstorm
  9.   La Vecina
  10.   Duerme
  11.   Fat Papa's Descarga
  12.   Cachita
  13.   Bajo Las Sombras de un Pino
  14.   A Night to Remember
  15.   Tema de la Duboney by Johnny Pacheco
  16.   Vamanos Guajira
  17.   King Charles
  18.   Son de Pachanga
  19.   Pacheco's Descarga
  20.   La Vida Es un Sueño
  21.   Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado
  22.   Charangona
  23.   Panama's Boogaloo
  24.   Guaguanco en Borinquen
  25.   Boogaloo Mania
  26.   Close Your Eyes by Johnny Pacheco
  27.   Cosas Cositas
  28.   Pon Pon Pachanga
  29.   Bruca Manigua
  30.   El Piraguero
  31.   Rhumba Rhapsody
  32.   Pachanga Sabrosa
  33.   Either You Have It or You Don't
  34.   Al Que le Pique
  35.   Muñeca
  36.   Start the World, I Want to Get On
  37.   El Baile Nuevo
  38.   Maracaibo Oriental
  39.   El Yerbero
  40.   Mambo Show
  41.   Mack the Knife by Johnny Pacheco
  42.   Moonlight Cocktail by Johnny Pacheco
  43.   Ay! Que Mate by Johnny Pacheco
  44.   Las Negritas del Carnaval
  45.   Fat Papa
  46.   Isle of Capri by Johnny Pacheco
  47.   Uptight (Everything's Alright)
  48.   La Banda Le Dice Asi
  49.   Si No Me Quieres
  50.   Comelon
  51.   Aunque Mami No Quiera
  52.   I've Got You My Skin
  53.   Cielito Lindo
  54.   Sweet Sue, Just You
  55.   Tributo a Pedro Flores
  56.   El Amante
  57.   Con Salsa Y Sabor by Charlie Palmieri & Menique
  58.   Si Tu Puedes Bailar
  59.   Latin Beat
  60.   I've Got You Under My Skin
  61.   Melodica in "F"
  62.   Consuelate
  63.   El Guaya Catalina
  64.   Panache
  65.   Buchipluma
  66.   Ponce
  67.   Thou Swell
  68.   Pavanne
  69.   La Pachanga Se Baila Asi
  70.   Ritmo Charanga
  71.   Bronx Pachanga U.S.A.
  72.   Salsa Na' Ma'
  73.   Doctor de Fama
  74.   Amor for Two
  75.   Loco Por Ti
  76.   Tiene Sabor
  77.   Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise
  78.   Los Bomberos
  79.   Al Vaiven de Mi Carreta
  80.   Ravel's Bolero in Mambo
  81.   Mi Amor Noesta de Moda
  82.   Oh Cara
  83.   Lagrimas y Tristeza
  84.   El Vendedor de Mangos
  85.   Son Sasonao
  86.   Despierta Julian
  87.   No Puedo Vivir
  88.   Luisito Mozambique
  89.   El Yo-Yo
  90.   Criollo
  91.   Lullaby of Broadway
  92.   Fiesta a La King
  93.   El Susto
  94.   Dame Tu Corazon
  95.   Estoy Friza'o
  96.   Porque Me Enganas
  97.   No Esta en Na'
  98.   Te Quiero a Ti
  99.   Sobando el Piano Merengue
  100.   Cote Pa la Cola
  101.   Continental
  102.   Kikapoo Joy Juice
  103.   Sweet Sue
  104.   Coco
  105.   El Mundo Esta Bien-El Loco Soy Yo
  106.   Be Careful, It's My Heart
  107.   Pachanga Melodiosa
  108.   Manisero 7
  109.   Ay Señor
  110.   Take Me in Your Arms
  111.   Chocolate
  112.   Tema de Maria Cervantes
  113.   Adios
  114.   El Pan Sobao
  115.   Domino by Johnny Pacheco
  116.   Now I Know the Feeling
  117.   Noche de Parranda
  118.   Chaleco
  119.   You and the Night and the Music
  120.   I'll Never Be the Same
  121.   Arroz con Bacalao
  122.   Que Bien Los Haces
  123.   El Barón
  124.   I'll Be Around
  125.   Lo Quiero Yo
  126.   Aunque Tu Mami No Quiera
  127.   Estoy Buscando a Kako
  128.   Como Bailan la Pachanga
  129.   El Brinco Loco
  130.   Vista Hace Fe
  131.   Sedante de Rhumba
  132.   Chun-Ko by Johnny Pacheco
  133.   La Fuente
  134.   Perfidia
  135.   El Nino Andreu
  136.   El Cantante del Amor
  137.   Corazon
  138.   Palmieri y la Duboney
  139.   De Panama a Borinquen
  140.   El Manisero - 1961 B
  141.   A Veces Soy Feliz
  142.   The Gaucho Serenade by Johnny Pacheco
  143.   Hoy Como Ayer
  144.   Mi Tierra Lejana
  145.   Estuve Pensando
  146.   Que Bien Lo Haces
  147.   Lo Dicen Todos
  148.   No Puedo Mas
  149.   Mis Amigos E.G.C.
  150.   Calor De Madre
  151.   Lover's Mambo
  152.   Ravel's Bolero
  153.   Para Caracas Me Voy
  154.   Cuban Love Song
  155.   Por Querer Tener Dos
  156.   Arroz con Pollo
  157.   El Continental
  158.   Charlie's Jam
  159.   La Llave Y El Candao
  160.   Jeepers Creepers
  161.   La Hija de Lola
  162.   Comme Ci, Comme Ca by Johnny Pacheco
  163.   Swing y Song
  164.   Que Te Vas...Pues Vete by Vitín Avíles
  165.   Noche Y Día
  166.   No Quiero Problemas
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