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A widely respected DJ and producer as well as an entrepreneur and fashionista, Ellen Allien makes experimental techno filled with style and sensuality, in addition to running the celebrated BPitch Control label. Although highly active as a DJ and producer of minimal acid techno tracks since the early '90s, she made her breakthrough with full-lengths such as 2003's Berlinette and 2005's Thrills, which blended glitchy production tricks with futuristic electro pop. While albums such as 2008's Sool and 2013's LISm contained some of Allien's most abstract work, 2017's Nost brought back the club-focused energy of her singles. Aside from her original productions, she has released an armload of mix CDs, including 2002's Weiss.Mix and 2007's Fabric 34, and has held DJ residencies at prestigious clubs and events such as Tresor (Berlin) and Circoloco (Ibiza). Originally from West Berlin, Allien lived in London during the late '80s, and was first exposed to electronic music via the acid house scene. Returning to her home city after the reunification of Germany, she began to DJ at clubs such as Tresor, the Bunker, and E-Werk. She started a radio show on Berlin's Kiss FM titled Braincandy, which also became the name of her first record label. Following two 1995 EPs on other imprints, Allien released Rockt Krieger and Be Wild through Braincandy in 1997. Due to distribution problems, she shut down the label that year, but after she began organizing a series of parties called Pitch Control, she founded the BPitch Control label in 1999. Following 2000's Dataromance and Last Kiss 99 EPs, as well as several compilations and releases by other artists, Allien released Stadtkind, her debut full-length, on BPitch in 2001. Foregrounding the vocals seldom heard on her prior recordings, as well as introducing more experimental arrangements, the album helped establish her signature sound. Following two mixed CDs, Allien released her second album, the indie-friendly Berlinette, to much acclaim in 2003. 2004's Remix Collection compiled Allien's remixes for artists like Miss Kittin and Barbara Morgenstern, and was followed by 2005's electro-infused full-length Thrills. In 2006, Allien and regular collaborator Apparat released the eclectic Orchestra of Bubbles, which soon became one of the most popular releases by either artist. Apart from music, Allien also launched her clothing line, Ellen Allien Fashion, in 2006. Allien's 2008 full-length, Sool, featured co-production from AGF, and was significantly more abstract and minimal than her previous albums. 2010's Dust was a bit more accessible, and 2011's Dust RMX largely emphasized its dancefloor-igniting qualities. However, 2013's LISm, commissioned for a dance production staged at Paris Pompidou Centre, was a left turn into weightless experimental ambient. Following the album's release, Allien issued at least two singles per year, leading up to the release of 2017's warmly nostalgic Nost, her most straightforward dance full-length. In 2018, Allien released the commanding Take a Stand EP on Nonplus Records. 2019 single "UFO" launched Allien's UFO Inc. imprint, preceding her refined yet haunting Alientronic full-length. ~ Paul Simpson
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Bubbles by Apparat
  3.   Brain Is Lost
  4.   Retina
  5.   Rotary by Apparat
  6.   Alles Sehen
  7.   Metric by Apparat
  8.   Erdbeermund
  9.   Trash Scapes
  10.   Fenstermusik
  11.   Alles Schen
  12.   Floating Points by Apparat
  13.   Push
  14.   Washing Machine Is Speaking
  15.   Turbo Dreams by Apparat
  16.   Way Out
  17.   Leave Me Alone by Apparat
  18.   Soundtrack
  19.   mma
  20.   Your Body Is My Body
  21.   Augenblick
  22.   Sleepless by Apparat
  23.   Jet by Apparat
  24.   Let's Get It On by Gold Chains
  25.   Magma
  26.   Do Not Break by Apparat
  27.   MDMA
  28.   Edison by Apparat
  29.   Call Me
  30.   Frieda
  31.   The Way We Have Chosen by OMR
  32.   Electronic Joy
  33.   Tief in Mir
  34.   Trust and...
  35.   Exit to Humanity
  36.   Love Distortion
  37.   Bowie in Harmony
  38.   Empathy
  39.   Free Society
  40.   Ufo
  41.   Take a Stand
  42.   Erdmond
  43.   Stormy Memories
  44.   Physical
  45.   Electric Eye
  46.   Jack My Ass
  47.   Innocence
  48.   Mind Journey
  49.   Not Alone
  50.   Landing XX
  51.   Off
  52.   Hoo
  53.   Lou
  54.   High
  55.   Freak the Night
  56.   Strobo Me
  57.   Kuss
  58.   Lism
  59.   Cut 5
  60.   Cut 4
  61.   Cut 3
  62.   Cut 1
  63.   Lover
  64.   I Need
  65.   Take Me Out
  66.   Go
  67.   The Kiss
  68.   Searching
  69.   You
  70.   Sun the Rain
  71.   Should We Go Home
  72.   Schlumi
  73.   Our Utopie
  74.   My Tree
  75.   Huibuh
  76.   Flashy Flashy
  77.   Ever
  78.   Dream
  79.   Get the Groove Goin'
  80.   Out
  81.   MM
  82.   Ondu
  83.   Its
  84.   Zauber
  85.   Elphine
  86.   Sprung
  87.   Bim
  88.   Caress
  89.   Einsteigen
  90.   Bombing Bastards featuring Terranova
  91.   Poor People Must Work featuring Bobo Shanti
  92.   Under by Apparat
  93.   Abstract Pictures
  94.   Wish
  95.   Data Romance
  96.   Wolken Ziehen
  97.   Licht
  98.   Shorty
  99.   Stadtkind
  100.   She Is with Me
  101.   Cloudy City
  102.   Ghost Train
  103.   Down
  104.   Naked Rain
  105.   Come
  106.   Sehnsucht
  107.   Bang Bang
  108.   Butterfly
  109.   Salzsee
  110.   Funkenflug der Träume
  111.   Send
  112.   Cut 8
  113.   Come To Me
  114.   Berlin featuring Electric Chairs
  115.   Körpermaschine
  116.   Stimulation
  117.   Pump
  118.   You Are
  119.   Cut 6
  120.   Freak the Night Away
  121.   Rippin Kittin featuring Golden Boy
  122.   Cut 7
  123.   You with Now featuring AGF
  124.   Open
  125.   Secret
  126.   Cut 2
  127.   Astral
  128.   Gate of Light
  129.   Schnitt
  130.   Feel Like
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