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A worldbeat dance fixture of the late 20th century and beyond, having sold tens of millions of albums worldwide, Enigma were an instant success with their unlikely combination of new age tones, chilled-out club production, and samples of Gregorian chant. The project arrived with their 1991 single "Sadeness (Pt. I)," which immediately became an international hit and the calling card for their unique sound. Over the next three decades, Enigma would release upwards of eight albums and collections, many of which spent time in the Billboard charts. Enigma were formed in 1990 by Bucharest native Michael Cretu. He had been involved in music for a while at that point, having released several solo albums as well as worked as a producer with other artists. When working with his wife, German dance-pop artist Sandra, on her 1987 single "Everlasting Love," he'd used some brief samples of Gregorian chant in the song's intro. This began a fascination for Cretu with incorporating the archaic sounds into a more contemporary music format. In 1988, the couple moved to Ibiza, Spain, and Cretu began working out of a home studio on the project that would become Enigma. He recorded the first material for this project over the course of 1990 with creative input from collaborators David Fairstein and Frank Peterson. Debut album MCMXC a.D. was released in December of that year and lead single "Sadeness (Pt. I)" became an overnight smash hit. Powered by excitement for the single, the album was also a multi-platinum success, eventually selling over four million copies in the United States alone and spending the next five years on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Several other singles were issued from the album as its unexpectedly lengthy time in the spotlight continued. The samples of Gregorian chants that were employed heavily throughout the album were used without permission, and these uncleared samples eventually led to a lawsuit that was settled out of court. On their second album, 1993's Cross of Changes, some of the old-world elements remained, but the new age angle came to the forefront in a set of slick, radio-friendly dance-pop tracks. The flute samples and breathy spoken vocals of MCMXC a.D. were replaced in part with samples of Native American singing, best exemplified by hit single "Return to Innocence." The album was the group's second to climb to number one on the U.K. charts and again sold in the millions. Enigma 3: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive le Roi! followed in 1996. By the time of 2000's Screen Behind the Mirror, the initial hype surrounding the band had died down, but there was a die-hard Enigma fan base offering enough support to keep the project going, despite the album falling short of platinum sales. The next year, a greatest-hits package entitled Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits arrived, compiling most of Enigma's singles as well as new track "Turn Around." Lightening the production formula somewhat, fifth studio album Voyageur landed in 2003, with A Posteriori following in 2006. Enigma's seventh studio album, Seven Lives Many Faces, arrived in 2008 and continued their streak of Billboard 200 appearances. A three-disc set that devoted an album each to greatest hits, remixes, and previously unreleased material, The Platinum Collection saw a worldwide release in 2010. That same year, the anniversary of MCMXC a.D. was celebrated with the release of a single, "MMX (The Social Song)." In 2016, Enigma returned with the concept album The Fall of a Rebel Angel. Featuring collaborations with Indonesian vocalist Anggun, Israel's Nanuk, British electro-pop duo Aquilo, and Brazilian singer/songwriter Mark Josher, the LP was preceded by the single "Sadeness (Part II)" and arrived in November 2016. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Marcy Donelson
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Return to Innocence
  3.   Sadeness, Pt. 1
  4.   Shadows in Silence
  5.   Déjà Vu
  6.   Sadeness, Part I
  7.   Silent Warrior
  8.   Principles of Lust: Sadeness/Find Love/Sadeness (Reprise)
  9.   Mea Culpa
  10.   Callas Went Away
  11.   Sitting on the Moon
  12.   Sadeness, Pt. 2
  13.   Principles of Lust
  14.   Gravity of Love
  15.   Dreaming of Andromeda
  16.   Rivers of Belief
  17.   Morphing Thru Time
  18.   Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
  19.   Turn Around
  20.   Push the Limits
  21.   The Eyes of Truth
  22.   Age of Loneliness
  23.   The Child in Us
  24.   Sadeness, Pt. 2
  25.   Lost Six
  26.   Touchness
  27.   Seven Lives
  28.   The Screen Behind the Mirror
  29.   Out from the Deep
  30.   The Dream of the Dolphin
  31.   Second Chapter
  32.   Knocking on Forbidden Doors
  33.   The Voice & The Snake
  34.   Almost Full Moon
  35.   La Historia De Sadeness, Pt. 2
  36.   Amen
  37.   Lost Three
  38.   Lost One
  39.   Lost Nine
  40.   Lost Five
  41.   The Language of Sound
  42.   La Puerta del Cielo
  43.   Encounters
  44.   Mea Culpa, Pt. 1
  45.   Goodbye Milky Way
  46.   20,000 Miles Over the Sea
  47.   Northern Lights
  48.   Following the Sun
  49.   Look of Today
  50.   Page of Cups
  51.   Smell of Desire
  52.   Light of Your Smile
  53.   The Cross of Changes
  54.   The Voice of Enigma
  55.   Odyssey of the Mind
  56.   The Roundabout
  57.   T.N.T. for the Brain
  58.   Third of Its Kind
  59.   L' Histoire de 'Diving'
  60.   La Historia De 'Absolvo'
  61.   L' Histoire de the Omega Point
  62.   La Historia De 'Mother'
  63.   L' Histoire de Sadeness, Pt. 2
  64.   La Historia De 'Amen'
  65.   Mother
  66.   Beyond the Invisible
  67.   Maldito Amor
  68.   El Tiburon
  69.   Zumbuli
  70.   Sevda Golema
  71.   Prokolnav Se
  72.   Da Moze Mesec
  73.   Majski Cocek
  74.   Pregrni Me Majko
  75.   Jasmina
  76.   Ako Nekogas...
  77.   Mahmud Delija
  78.   Boli, Boli
  79.   Crni Oci Ubavi
  80.   L' Histoire de 'Amen'
  81.   L' Histoire de 'Absolvo'
  82.   L' Histoire de Lost in Nothingness
  83.   L' Histoire de 'Oxygen Red'
  84.   L' Histoire de Agnus Dei
  85.   L' Histoire de the Die Is Cast
  86.   L' Histoire de 'Circle Eight'
  87.   La Historia De Confession of the Mind
  88.   La Historia De 'Oxygen Red'
  89.   La Historia De Lost in Nothingness
  90.   La Historia De 'Diving'
  91.   La Historia De the Omega Point
  92.   La Historia De 'Circle Eight'
  93.   The Story of Confession of the Mind
  94.   The Story of 'Amen'
  95.   The Story of 'Oxygen Red'
  96.   The Story of Lost in Nothingness
  97.   The Story of Sadeness, Pt. 2
  98.   The Story of 'Mother'
  99.   The Story of 'Diving'
  100.   The Story of the Die Is Cast
  101.   The Story of the Omega Point
  102.   Oxygen Red
  103.   Lost in Nothingness
  104.   Agnus Dei
  105.   The Die Is Cast
  106.   Diving
  107.   The Omega Point
  108.   Lost Two
  109.   Lost Ten
  110.   Lost Seven
  111.   Lost Four
  112.   Lost Eleven
  113.   Lost Eight
  114.   Between Generations
  115.   Hell's Heaven
  116.   Fata Morgana
  117.   The Same Parents
  118.   Hello and Welcome
  119.   Message from Io
  120.   Invisible Love
  121.   Dancing with Mephisto
  122.   Eppur Si Muove
  123.   The Piano
  124.   Weightless
  125.   Total Eclipse of the Moon
  126.   Boum Boum
  127.   Voyageur
  128.   Silence Must Be Heard
  129.   Camera Obscura
  130.   Endless Quest
  131.   Modern Crusaders
  132.   I Love You...I'll Kill You
  133.   Carly's Loneliness
  134.   Carly's Song
  135.   Back to the Rivers of Belief: Way to Eternity/Hallelujah/The Rivers of
  136.   Le Roi est Mort, Vive le Roi!
  137.   Why! ...
  138.   Se Fue
  139.   Prism of Life
  140.   We'll Not See Them Anywhere
  141.   Horizons Above
  142.   Rompe el Sello
  143.   Amor Prohibido
  144.   Sin Sangre en las Venas
  145.   Una Loca Aventurera
  146.   Canalla
  147.   Mojata Mala
  148.   Jasminovo Oro
  149.   Trista Reki
  150.   Seici
  151.   Prosti Mi
  152.   L' Histoire de Confession of the Mind
  153.   L' Histoire de 'Mother'
  154.   La Historia De 'Agnus Dei'
  155.   La Historia De the Die Is Cast
  156.   The Story of 'Absolvo'
  157.   The Story of 'Agnus Dei'
  158.   The Story of 'Circle Eight'
  159.   Absolvo
  160.   Circle Eight
  161.   Distorted Love
  162.   The Alchemist
  163.   Incognito
  164.   From East to West
  165.   The Landing
  166.   Between Mind & Heart
  167.   The Gate
  168.   Piano Moods
  169.   Traces (Light and Weight)
  170.   La Puerta
  171.   Rekansko Cedo
  172.   Confession of the Mind
  173.   Feel Me Heaven
  174.   In the Shadow, In the Light
  175.   Solzi Volsebni
  176.   Merlin Monro
  177.   Baila Morena
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