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More old-school hip-hop, electro, and ragga than big-beat techno (though they're often pigeonholed that way), the Freestylers were formed by the trio of Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey, and Andrew Galea. All three were British b-boys back in the day, and were heavily involved in Britain's dance scene by the late '80s, both as DJs and producers, with Cantor recording as Cut'n'Paste, 2 Fat Buddhas, and Freska All Stars, among others, and Harvey as Blapps! Posse (author of the 1990 breakbeat classic "Don't Hold Back"). Harvey had also worked with Rebel MC and Definition of Sound, but after meeting Galea, the pair began recording together as Sol Brothers and soon brought Cantor into the fold as well. Taking the name Freestylers from their first sample (Freestyle's "Don't Stop the Rock"), the trio released their first single, "Drop the Boom (AK-48)" and formed their own Scratch City Records to release it. The track was a prime slice of vocoderized electro, and became an underground club classic as far afield as bass-driven Miami. The Freestyle EP followed late in 1996, and Freestylers also released singles on Freskanova (home of Cantor's many solo projects). The group even managed a chart hit (and Top of the Pops appearance) with 1998's "B-Boy Stance," a collaboration with vocalist Tenor Fly. A spate of remixing followed, for Audioweb, Afrika Bambaataa, and the Jungle Brothers (the latter a pair of the Freestylers' prime influences). The trio also helmed the big-beat compilation FSUK 2 and contributed a "Radio One Essential Mix" (where Beenie Man, Public Enemy, the Fall, and Whodini all rubbed elbows). Live appearances at Glastonbury and around the European festival circuit met with much praise, and the Freestylers finally released their debut album, We Rock Hard, in 1999. The mix album Electro Science followed a year later. ~ John Bush
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   No Way Back
  3.   Cracks by Belle Humble
  4.   Don't Stop
  5.   Drop the Boom
  6.   B-Boy Stance
  7.   Ruffneck
  8.   Ready for the Clash
  9.   I.O.U. (132 Bpm - Walk / Run / 75-80% Hf Intensity)
  10.   All for Nothing by Irwin Sparkes
  11.   This City
  12.   Raw as F**K
  13.   The Creator/Ruffneck/Activ 8 (Come with Me) by Altern 8
  14.   Running/Get Down Massive by Information Society
  15.   Fli Bi by Teebone
  16.   Let There Be Light
  17.   Get a Life
  18.   Scratch 22
  19.   We Rock Hard
  20.   Here We Go
  21.   Dancehall Vibes by Tenor Fly
  22.   Ruffneck
  23.   Activ8 (Come with Me)/Boomblast by Altern 8
  24.   Fasten Your Seatbelt/Get a Life by Pendulum
  25.   Better Than You
  26.   U Betta Stand Up featuring SirReal
  27.   Memories by Them & Us
  28.   Broken Point
  29.   Break of Dawn/Let No Man Put Asunder featuring First Choice
  30.   Bounce To This
  31.   Frozen
  32.   Shock the Beat/In Love with You by Electric Chocolate
  33.   Whine Up
  34.   Get Down Massive
  35.   King of Kings
  36.   Love My Bass
  37.   Breaker Beats, Pt. 2
  38.   Feel the Panic by Navigator
  39.   Rebel Lion
  40.   Unreal
  41.   Killasound by Wizard
  42.   Holdin On
  43.   Spread Love
  44.   Skacid
  45.   Fall Down
  46.   Hypnotic Eyez
  47.   Say Yes
  48.   Rude Bwoy
  49.   Back 2 99
  50.   Breaker Beats
  51.   Back To '99
  52.   Check the Skillz by Tenor Fly
  53.   Raize It Up by Navigator
  54.   Rude Boy Fashion
  55.   Bring the Noize
  56.   Cracks by Bell Humble
  57.   Cracks Feat. Belle Humble
  58.   Fall from Grace by Malkal X
  59.   The Sound
  60.   Is It Possible by Valerie M
  61.   You and What Army
  62.   Give Me Life
  63.   Who Got Da Buzz by Synikall
  64.   The Coming Storm
  65.   Falling
  66.   Ignite featuring Illaman
  67.   Mount Zion by Wizard
  68.   Frozen by Joshua Steele
  69.   This City
  70.   Too Far
  71.   Slammer
  72.   No Replica
  73.   Music Is Music
  74.   Losing You
  75.   Take Me Away/Steam (Rock Out) featuring DJ DeeKline
  76.   No Way Back/Ruffneck/Infiltrate 202 featuring Adonis
  77.   Under Mi Sensi by Barrington Levy
  78.   Under Mi Sensi/Steam (Rock Out) featuring Barrington Levy
  79.   Infiltrate 202/Supersonic featuring Altern 8
  80.   Push Up Word Up
  81.   Steam (Rock Out) by DJ DeeKline
  82.   Devil in Flight/Beat It Down/Steam (Rock Out) by DJ DeeKline
  83.   Let No Man Put Asunder/We Rock Hard/The Slammer by First Choice
  84.   Break/Fasten Your Seatbelt/The Slammer by Pendulum
  85.   Now Is the Time/In Love with You
  86.   Playing with Knives/Push Up by Bizarre Inc.
  87.   Closer to All Your Dreams/Fast Life by Rhythm Queen
  88.   Uptempo/Boomblast by Tronik House
  89.   Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)/Activ 8 (Come with Me)/We Rock Hard featuring Altern 8
  90.   Painkiller featuring Pendulum
  91.   In Love With You
  92.   Acid Love by Scam
  93.   Time to Unite by Journeyman
  94.   Spit It Out
  95.   Soul Surviving
  96.   Warrior Charge
  97.   Put Up Your Hands by Scam
  98.   Holding On
  99.   Daily Operation
  100.   Boom Blast
  101.   Push Up
  102.   Signs
  103.   Weekend Song
  104.   Blowin Ya Brainz
  105.   Broadcast Channels
  106.   Bad Boy Love
  107.   Told You So
  108.   London Sound
  109.   Now Is the Time
  110.   Intro
  111.   Freestyle Noize
  112.   Darkside
  113.   Warning
  114.   Breaker Beats, Pt. 1
  115.   Freestyle Noize
  116.   Feel the Panic
  117.   In The Mix
  118.   Spaced Invader by Navigator
  119.   Line Like This
  120.   Hold Up Your Hands
  121.   Sunblast by Wizard
  122.   Electroshock
  123.   Getting It Together
  124.   Into Your Dreamworld
  125.   Raize It Up
  126.   Worries in the Dance
  127.   Over You
  128.   Right On
  129.   Dogs & Sledges
  130.   Closer to All Your Dreams
  131.   Take Me Away 2004
  132.   Kick It
  133.   Rumours of War
  134.   Calling
  135.   Bass Odyssey
  136.   Get Up & Dance/Push Up by Scam-Eights
  137.   Breakers Revenge
  138.   Drop the Boom/We Rock Hard
  139.   Phenomenon One
  140.   Yours to Waste by Irwin Sparkes
  141.   Security/We Rock Hard by Beat Club
  142.   Apocalypse/Beat It Down
  143.   Get Up & Dance by Scam-Eights
  144.   Infectious
  145.   I.O.U.
  146.   The Slammer /No Replica/Steam (Rock Out) by DJ DeeKline
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