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One of the key bands of the street punk scene that gave a second wind to the U.K. punk rock scene, G.B.H. (also known as Charged G.B.H.) were also one of the first bands to add a strong heavy metal influence to punk rock, and would be cited as an influence by Metallica and Rancid. Hailing from Birmingham, England, G.B.H. were formed in 1978 by lead singer Colin Abrahall, guitarist Colin "Jock" Blyth, bassist Sean McCarthy, and drummer Andrew "Wilf" Williams. The band's name comes from the British legal term "Grievous Bodily Harm," with which bassist McCarthy had been charged. McCarthy was not long in the group, and Ross Lomas took over on bass by the end of their first year. Playing hard and fast, and with no fear of rude or controversial lyrics, Charged G.B.H. first made their name touring throughout the U.K., and after striking a deal with Clay Records, they made their recording debut in 1981, with the EP Leather, Bristles, Studs, and Acne. In 1982, the group issued their first album, City Baby Attacked by Rats, which was followed by more touring, including their first visit to the United States. Charged G.B.H. brought out their follow-up, City Baby's Revenge: 101 Ways to Kill a Rat, in 1983, and in 1986, they released Midnight Madness and Beyond, their first album for Rough Justice Records, by which time they'd shortened their name to G.B.H. That same year, drummer Williams dropped out of the group, and Kai Reder, formerly of the band Napalm, became G.B.H.'s new drummer. No Need to Panic followed in 1987, and A Fridge Too Far arrived in 1989. In 1992, Joseph "Fish" Montanaro became G.B.H.'s new drummer (he would last until 1994, when Scott Preece took over behind the traps), and while many of the major street punk and Oi! bands of the '80s were maintaining a low profile (if they were still around at all), G.B.H. remained active. The group released a steady stream of live and studio albums and toured regularly throughout the '90s and into the new millennium, continuing to give their fans what they wanted. During this period, thrash metal bands like Metallica and Slayer were citing G.B.H. as an influence, helping the band find a new audience. In 2010, Lars Fredericksen of Rancid, a longtime G.B.H. fan, gave the veteran punks a bit of payback by releasing their album Perfume and Piss on his Hellcat Records label. In 2017, nearly 40 years after they first formed, G.B.H. demonstrated their longevity with the release of a studio album for Hellcat, Momentum. ~ Mark Deming
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Sick Boy
  3.   Give Me Fire
  4.   Catch 23
  5.   City Baby Attacked by Rats
  6.   No Survivors
  7.   Vietnamese Blues
  8.   Slut
  9.   Checkin' Out
  10.   San Jose Wind
  11.   The Power of One
  12.   Passenger on the Menu
  13.   Am I Dead Yet?
  14.   New Decade
  15.   Leather Coffin
  16.   Do What You Do
  17.   No
  18.   Tipuki Thunder
  19.   Self Destruct
  20.   Birmingham Smiles
  21.   Horror Story
  22.   The Fist of Regret
  23.   I Need Energy
  24.   Mass Production
  25.   Slit Your Own Throat
  26.   Moonshine
  27.   Mantrap
  28.   Pins and Needles
  29.   No News
  30.   Superhighway Robbery
  31.   Tokyo After Dark
  32.   Discover the Treatment
  33.   No One Cares
  34.   Choice
  35.   See You Bleed
  36.   Outro
  37.   Power Corrupts
  38.   Freak of Nature
  39.   Enzo
  40.   The Desire of Poverty
  41.   Kids Get Down
  42.   Valley of Death
  43.   Flyin' High
  44.   Lycanthropy
  45.   Alcohol
  46.   I Shot the Marshall
  47.   Sado Methodist
  48.   Time Bomb
  49.   I Never Asked for Any of This
  50.   Us Against the World
  51.   Blue Sky Thinking
  52.   Fifty What?
  53.   Crush
  54.   Invisible
  55.   Going Sideways
  56.   Time Flies
  57.   This Is Not the Real World
  58.   Polytoxic
  59.   Going Sidways
  60.   Cadillac One
  61.   Ballads
  62.   Needle in a Haystack
  63.   I'm on Heat
  64.   Dustbin Rock 'N' Roll
  65.   The Unexpected
  66.   Song for Cathy
  67.   I Want to Believe
  68.   Crush 'Em
  69.   Desperate Times
  70.   Electricity Through Space
  71.   Makin' Whips
  72.   Get Out of the City
  73.   Malice in Wonderland
  74.   Blood
  75.   Sam Is Your Leader
  76.   Chance for Living
  77.   Guns & Guitars
  78.   Iroquois
  79.   Too Much
  80.   Limpwristed
  81.   Wardogs
  82.   Heavy Discipline
  83.   The Prayer of a Realist
  84.   Punk Rock Ambulance
  85.   The Seed of Madness
  86.   To Understand/20 Floors Below
  87.   Twenty Floors Below
  88.   Captain Chaos
  89.   Pass the Axe
  90.   A Fridge Too Far
  91.   To Understand
  92.   Gunning for the President
  93.   Hearing Screams
  94.   Transylvanian Perfume
  95.   The Forbidden Zone
  96.   See the Man Run
  97.   All for the Cause
  98.   Where the Wild Things Are
  99.   Just in Time For the Epilogue
  100.   From Here to Reality
  101.   You Don't Do Enough
  102.   Trust Me I'm a Doctor
  103.   Children of Dust
  104.   Big Women
  105.   State Executioner
  106.   Cryin (On the Hard Shoulder)
  107.   Damn Good Time
  108.   Stormchaser
  109.   Kangaroo Court
  110.   Shakin Hands With the Machine
  111.   Harmony
  112.   Junkies
  113.   Catch
  114.   Freak
  115.   Knife Edge
  116.   Race Against Time
  117.   City Baby's Revenge
  118.   When Will It End
  119.   Drugs Party in 526
  120.   C.U. Bleed
  121.   Bellend Bop
  122.   Hellhole
  123.   Womb With a View
  124.   Generals
  125.   Necrophilia
  126.   Maniac
  127.   I Am the Hunted
  128.   Boston Babies
  129.   I Feel Alright
  130.   Diplomatic Immunity
  131.   Break the Chains
  132.   How Come
  133.   Perfume and Piss
  134.   Tripwire Strange
  135.   Future Fugitives
  136.   Intro
  137.   Company of Wolves
  138.   Don't Leave Your Honey Down the Pits
  139.   Destroy
  140.   Faster Faster
  141.   Invisible Gun
  142.   Avenues and Alleyways
  143.   3-Piece Suit
  144.   Zeal of a Convert
  145.   Don't Drag Me Back
  146.   B.M.T.
  147.   Back
  148.   Hit the Deck
  149.   Check It Out
  150.   Happyville USA
  151.   Lowering the Standard
  152.   Four Men
  153.   Ha Ha
  154.   Rumblin' Underground
  155.   Lost in the Fog
  156.   Enemies
  157.   Liquid Paradise (The Epic)
  158.   Not Enough Hate
  159.   Go Home
  160.   Dead Man Walking
  161.   Unique
  162.   Pure Greed
  163.   Church of the Truly Warped
  164.   Momentum
  165.   Falling Down
  166.   Last of the Teenage Idols
  167.   Population Bomb
  168.   Skanga (Herby Weed)
  169.   Gunned Down
  170.   Nocturnal Journal
  171.   Christianised Cannibals
  172.   Evil Evar
  173.   Belgrade
  174.   Unanswered Prayers
  175.   Impounded
  176.   Candy Man
  177.   Dead on Arrival
  178.   Dirty Too Long
  179.   Midnight Madness and Beyond
  180.   Crossfire
  181.   The Old School of Self Destruction
  182.   Lords of Discipline
  183.   Three Piece Suit
  184.   High Octane Fuel
  185.   Infected
  186.   The Perfect Storm
  187.   Hole
  188.   Civilized
  189.   Drugs Party In
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