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One of the most distinctive instrumental groups of the '50s and '60s, Johnny & the Hurricanes produced the Top Ten hit "Red River Rock" and scored several other instrumental hits that mixed rock & roll with traditional melodies. Originally known as the Orbits, the group formed in Toledo, OH, in 1958 and was led by saxophonist Johnny Paris; other members included organist Paul Tesluk, guitarist Dave Yorko, bassist Lionel "Butch" Mattice, and drummer Tony Kaye. After a stint recording with rockabilly singer Mack Vickery, the group traveled to Detroit, hoping to become a backing band for up-and-coming singers. However, a pair of music promoters, Harry Balk and Irving Michanik, signed them as a group on their own, and they recorded their first single, "Crossfire," for the Twirl label in 1959. "Crossfire" went to number 23 and the group moved to the Warwick imprint for "Red River Rock," a rock & roll instrumental of the standard "Red River Valley" that peaked at number five. The Hurricanes responded to their success with more of the same, delivering "Reveille Rock," "Rockin' Goose," "Revival," and "Beatnik Fly" over the next year, touring extensively all the while. Eventually the pace -- and lack of further hit singles -- caught up with the group, and Johnny & the Hurricanes disbanded in 1965. Paris moved to Hamburg, started his own label, Atila, and in 1970 formed a new Hurricanes lineup that toured until November 2005, two weeks before Paris took ill and was hospitalized. He died on May 1, 2006, due to pneumonia and septic blood after a splenectomy. ~ Heather Phares
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Red River Rock
  3.   Reveille Rock
  4.   Crossfire
  5.   Beatnik Fly
  6.   The Sheik of Araby
  7.   The Kid
  8.   Money Honey
  9.   It's a Mad Mad World
  10.   Sandstorm
  11.   Travllin'
  12.   Like Rock
  13.   Tom's Tune
  14.   Misirlou
  15.   Red River RockHigh School Confidential
  16.   Old Smokey
  17.   Walkin' featuring Johnny Ge
  18.   Catnip featuring Johnny Ge
  19.   Corne Poke featuring Johnny Ge
  20.   Molly
  21.   Miserlou
  22.   The Hungry Eye
  23.   That's All
  24.   Revellie Rock
  25.   Happy Time
  26.   San Antonio
  27.   Corn Bread
  28.   Farewell, Farewell featuring Johnny Ge
  29.   San Antonio Rose
  30.   You Are My Sunshine featuring Johnny Ge
  31.   Come on Train featuring Johnny Ge
  32.   Oh Du Lieber Augustin featuring Johnny Ge
  33.   Rockin' "T" featuring Johnny Ge
  34.   Rock Cha featuring Johnny Ge
  35.   Joyride featuring Johnny Ge
  36.   Bam-Boo featuring Johnny Ge
  37.   Lazy featuring Johnny Ge
  38.   Storm Warning featuring Johnny Ge
  39.   Milk Shake featuring Johnny Ge
  40.   Cyclone featuring Johnny Ge
  41.   Travelin' featuring Johnny Ge
  42.   Beanbag featuring Johnny Ge
  43.   The Hungry Eye featuring Johnny Ge
  44.   Hot Fudge featuring Johnny Ge
  45.   The Kid featuring Johnny Ge
  46.   Traffic Jam featuring Johnny Ge
  47.   Sheba featuring Johnny Ge
  48.   Sand Storm featuring Johnny Ge
  49.   Down Yonder featuring Johnny Ge
  50.   Ja-Da featuring Johnny Ge
  51.   Tom's Tune featuring Johnny Ge
  52.   Shakin' All Over
  53.   You Are My Sunhsine
  54.   Buckeye featuring Johnny Ge
  55.   Little Rock
  56.   Salvation by Johnny
  57.   Traffic Jam by Johnny
  58.   Beatnik Fly by Johnny
  59.   Molly-0
  60.   Minnesota Fats by Johnny
  61.   Rocking Goose by Johnny