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Though Kokane had been involved with the West Coast rap scene since the dawn of gangsta rap, he was never able to secure any substantial success for himself until 2000 when he played a major role in the success of Snoop Dogg's Tha Last Meal. His eccentric vocal approach is half fluid rapping and half weird P-funk-influenced singing. This balance made Kokane a perfect choice to lay down the vocal hooks for Snoop's album, as he appeared on eight of the album's 19 tracks. The son of Motown staff composer Jerry Long ("Ball of Confusion," "Just My Imagination," "Still Waters Run Deep"), Kokane's life has always included music, though it is the old school funk of the '70s that most influences his style. He began his career as a vocalist in the mid-'80s as rap was first appearing in his native Los Angeles before eventually signing to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records label in 1991. In addition to co-writing "Appetite for Destruction" for NWA's Niggaz4life, Kokane also contributed to other West Coast gangsta rap albums such as Above the Law's Black Mafia Life. His first solo single, "Nickel Slick Nigga," appeared on the Deep Cover soundtrack as well as his debut album for Ruthless, Who Am I. His second album for Ruthless, Funk Upon a Rhyme, appeared in 1994 but didn't sell many copies, dooming Kokane to a frustrating sabbatical period where he made the occasional cameo. He reappeared in late 1999 with a solo album on Eureka Records, They Call Me Mr. Kane, yet this album never escaped the underground. Ironically, it was on the L.A. posse track found on Dr. Dre's 2001 album, "Some L.A. Niggaz," that Kokane scored big; this encounter with Dre's camp led to his relationship with Snoop, who signed him to Dogghouse Records, bringing a renewed sense of promise to Kokane's long-running career. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Funkinmuffin
  3.   I've Been There
  4.   Pimpen Juice
  5.   A D.Boi, a G, a Ho, a Sucker & a Simp by Tonik Slam
  6.   Strange to Us
  7.   Pain Killers featuring Jayo Felony
  8.   Bottoms Up
  9.   Go & Get It by B-Legit
  10.   Pop These Pz'
  11.   Made Nigga
  12.   I got it Made
  13.   Intro Star Child
  14.   What I by Busta Rhymes
  15.   Cold Blooded
  16.   Mo' Water
  17.   I'm so Hood
  18.   Murda in Kingston
  19.   Gangsta Music by Kurupt
  20.   Slow Burnin' 22.5˚ Fahrenheit
  21.   Kokane Presents Chicago
  22.   Koka "Intro"
  23.   Just Cruise
  24.   Can't Funk-Shun
  25.   I Can Understand It
  26.   Get at You
  27.   Monster Humps
  28.   Nickel Slick Nigga
  29.   Aftermath
  30.   - Made A Difference
  31.   Wake Up
  32.   - Jelly Jar
  33.   Pinky Ring Hook Up
  34.   Automatic
  35.   The Robbery
  36.   Bounce, Rock, Skate
  37.   Pay For by 918
  38.   Let's Go
  39.   Play at yo own risk
  40.   - Lay You Down
  41.   Lost My Mind by Tonik Slam
  42.   Lone Desperado
  43.   4 Ryders Only
  44.   Intro
  45.   Bakin Soda & Water
  46.   I'll Be Back Home
  47.   It's on, On Sight
  48.   Baptized In Tha Funk by Jerry B. Long
  49.   On Me featuring Gangsta
  50.   The Zoo
  51.   "Gangsta'd Up" by 40 Glocc
  52.   A Wonderful Day
  53.   Way You Do by Suga Free
  54.   I Like the Way She Put It on Me
  55.   Dr Kokastien-Intro
  56.   Kokane Presents "Halla"
  57.   Ponica Paradise featuring Dj Chinmachine
  58.   It Was All a Dream
  59.   Skit
  60.   Jelly Jary featuring Jerry B. Long
  61.   - Baptized In The Funk
  62.   She Put a Spell on Me
  63.   Push
  64.   Christmas Time
  65.   Gave It Up For Hip Hop
  66.   It's Kokane Not Lemonhead
  67.   Halla
  68.   I Got Out tha Game by Country Cool
  69.   Remedy
  70.   Come One Day
  71.   501 Bluez by Daz Dillinger
  72.   EL Boo Boo
  73.   Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  74.   Tryin to Kill Us
  75.   Gimme All Mine by Jerry B. Long
  76.   Give a Dawg a Bone
  77.   Plastic Surgery
  78.   Hat off to U
  79.   Section 11350
  80.   All Bark No Bite by Tha Alkaholiks
  81.   Rollin' Up On Hoez by Jerry B. Long
  82.   Bakin' Soda Free
  83.   Rhyme Slow
  84.   Outro
  85.   Runnin' featuring Aanisah C. Long
  86.   Stay Winning
  87.   Like Daddy Like Daughter
  88.   I Ain't Trippin' by Tonik Slam
  89.   Nasty
  90.   My World
  91.   Back 2 tha Clap
  92.   G Sense of Humor
  93.   - Killin Fileds
  94.   "When It Rains It Pours"
  95.   Can a Thug Get To Heaven by Jerry B. Long
  96.   Never Change
  97.   Gettin' Ova
  98.   The Real Hood by Bay Loc
  99.   Blue Aqua Boogie
  100.   Where you get yo funk from
  101.   Hard Timin' on
  102.   Lonely featuring Marc C.
  103.   Keep the Faith
  104.   Big Rigga
  105.   The Streets Is Luvn
  106.   Wait For Too Long
  107.   Hard as Steel
  108.   From the Funk to the Back
  109.   S.W.F.W.M. by Tonik Slam
  110.   Voices by Tonik Slam
  111.   Tha Kemistry by Tonik Slam
  112.   On da Block by Tonik Slam
  113.   Manchurian Candidates
  114.   Heard It All
  115.   Don't Have Time to Waste
  116.   Str8 How You Want
  117.   Diplomatic
  118.   Forty Below by Bootsy Collins
  119.   Street Kings
  120.   Stay Ready
  121.   Missing You
  122.   All I Need
  123.   Thug Thang by Richie Rich
  124.   Lay U Down
  125.   Make It Work
  126.   - Twilight Zone
  127.   Twilight Zone
  128.   Sleepin In My Bed by Jerry B. Long
  129.   Made a Difference
  130.   Lay You Down featuring Above the Law
  131.   Hard Timin
  132.   The Streets R Callin
  133.   The Gutter
  134.   Do You Know Jesus