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Veteran West Coast gangsta rapper MC Eiht has dedicated much of his life to music, beginning his seminal career with Compton's Most Wanted (CMW) while only a teenager. Despite his youth, Eiht catapulted his group to nationwide recognition at the dawn of the '90s. CMW followed the lead of Ice-T and fellow Compton natives N.W.A but was relatively low profile -- neither as commercial nor as controversial as those who achieved fame beforehand -- and remained largely an underground act despite some Billboard chart placements. CMW released three albums before Eiht began his solo career in 1993 with the group's producer, DJ Slip, in tow, and "Streiht Up Menace" as his solo debut single. His debut solo album, We Come Strapped, subsequently topped Billboard's R&B album chart a year later and was certified gold. Eiht's discography with and without CMW continued to grow, and in the 2010s his reputation was rock solid, reflected in his work with both fellow veterans (DJ Quik, DJ Premier) and younger stars (Kendrick Lamar) who regarded him as an original master. Born Aaron Tyler in Los Angeles, Eiht began his career as part of CMW during the latter half of the '80s. After the single "This Is Compton" was issued on Techno Hop, home to crucial early cuts by Ice-T and King Tee, the group signed to Orpheus, who released It's a Compton Thang (1990), Straight Checkn 'Em (1991), and Music to Driveby (1992). All three hit the Billboard 200 chart and produced hit singles such as "One Time Gaffled 'Em Up," "Growin' Up in the Hood," and "Hood Took Me Under." "Streiht Up Menace" (1993), Eiht's Slip-produced debut single as a solo artist, came from the soundtrack of Menace II Society, a popular film in which Eiht appeared. Following the success of this single, Eiht signed to the Sony-distributed Epic Street imprint and entered the studio with Slip to record his full-length solo debut, We Come Strapped. Billed to "MC Eiht Featuring CMW," the album didn't really feature anyone from CMW except the rapper and producer. Nonetheless, the album debuted atop Billboard's R&B album chart despite lacking an omnipresent lead single and reached the Top Five of the Billboard 200. None of Eiht's successive albums were as commercially successful as We Come Strapped, though some, such as additional Epic releases Death Threatz (1996) and Last Man Standing (1997), and the independently released Veterans Day (2004), were arguably better. In successive years, Eiht continued to record solo projects on a frequent basis, and he also reconvened on occasion with CMW. During the 2010s, he was featured on the title track of Kendrick Lamar's Grammy-nominated Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City and in 2017 released Which Way Iz West -- his first proper album in over a decade, featuring production from DJ Premier and appearances from CMW, WC, and Kurupt, among others. ~ Jason Birchmeier & Andy Kellman
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Streiht up Menace
  3.   Heart Cold
  4.   Compton Zoo
  5.   Shut Em Down by Outlawz
  6.   Medicate by Xzibit
  7.   Represent Like This by WC
  8.   Straight Up Menace
  9.   Late Nite Hype, Pt. 2
  10.   Look Up
  11.   Compton 4 Death
  12.   You Nia'z
  13.   Some of These Thugs
  14.   Who's Tha Man
  15.   Drama
  16.   Def Wish III
  17.   Ride 4 Me featuring C-BO
  18.   The Mack by Spice 1
  19.   Break Deez Mu'fuckaz by Spice 1
  20.   Round Here by Brotha Lynch Hung
  21.   Growin Up in the Hood
  22.   187 Hemp
  23.   That's the Way Life Goes
  24.   N My Neighborhood
  25.   Which Way Iz Up
  26.   Somebody by Tha Chill
  27.   Vets Day Intro
  28.   Hustle 4 Doe
  29.   Bring Back the Funk
  30.   What We About
  31.   Hustle Man
  32.   Why U Hott?
  33.   So Ruff
  34.   Thicker Than Water
  35.   III Tha Hood Way
  36.   Automatic
  37.   Return Fire
  38.   On Top of All That
  39.   Hubtouchablez
  40.   Tha Way We Run It by B Real
  41.   Any Meanz
  42.   Tha Business
  43.   Me & My Bitch by Mack 10
  44.   Under Attack by Boom Bam
  45.   Run 4 Your Life
  46.   Def Wish IV (Tap That Azz)
  47.   Nuthin' But the Gangsta
  48.   Niggaz Make the Hood Go Round
  49.   Compton Cyco
  50.   Can I?
  51.   G'sta Melody
  52.   Down Like Dat
  53.   Rest in Piss 2 (Agent Double O Deuce 4 Blocc) by Brotha Lynch Hung
  54.   Just Lean
  55.   Represent
  56.   Tha Hood Still Got Me Under
  57.   Where U From
  58.   4 Tha OG'z by Bumpy Knuckles
  59.   All Day Everyday
  60.   The Getaway (Skit)
  61.   Come on Niggaz by Spice 1
  62.   Buy Another Gun by Brotha Lynch Hung
  63.   Wavin the Pistol
  64.   Once Upon a Time N' the Ghetto
  65.   Born To Hustle by Big Mike
  66.   Bacdafuconup
  67.   Ain't Nuthin 2 It
  68.   Ain't Worried Bout You
  69.   Got That by DJ Premier
  70.   Runn The Blocc
  71.   Buy Another Gun
  72.   Déjà vu
  73.   You Don't Know, Who I Know
  74.   The Murder Show, Pt. 2
  75.   No One Else
  76.   We Them Gangsters by Compton's Most Wanted
  77.   Smoke Dis
  78.   Gangsta Minded
  79.   Bac in Town
  80.   We Made It '04 by Tha Chill
  81.   Living Like G'staz
  82.   Streets Don't Love U
  83.   Welcome Back to the Ghetto
  84.   Hood Ratz
  85.   Git Money
  86.   Intro
  87.   When All Hell Breaks Loose
  88.   Hit the Floor
  89.   Tough Guyz featuring Boom Bam
  90.   Killin Season
  91.   You Can't See Me featuring CMW
  92.   Collect My Stripez featuring CMW
  93.   Set Trippin' featuring Boom Bam
  94.   Pipe Down
  95.   Niggaz That Kill (Endolude)
  96.   Murder at Night
  97.   Struggle
  98.   U Know Why by Tha Chill
  99.   Can I Still Kill It
  100.   Fine By Me
  101.   Anything U Want
  102.   Ain't Nuttin' But Killin
  103.   Thuggin It Up
  104.   Say Nuthin
  105.   It's Your Life
  106.   Wrong Attire
  107.   Nuthin' But High (Endolude)
  108.   Everybody Move
  109.   Killin Nigguz featuring CMW
  110.   Hold Up
  111.   Got Cha Humpin'
  112.   Rule #1
  113.   Living N' Tha Streetz
  114.   Gangsta Smash
  115.   Make Some Dough
  116.   Love 4 the Hood featuring CMW
  117.   It's Alright
  118.   Hangin'
  119.   Caution
  120.   Dayz of 89
  121.   Compton Bomb
  122.   Get Yo Grind On
  123.   We Gots to Work
  124.   Take 2 With Me
  125.   Pass Me By by B Real
  126.   Section 8 (Intro)
  127.   Respect It
  128.   Tha Nail Shop (Luther's Outro)
  129.   Dead Money
  130.   Smoke Dis by C. Hill
  131.   Ain't Worried About U
  132.   Fuc Em All
  133.   Ni**Az That Kill
  134.   We Come Strapped
  135.   West Coast Party by Spice 1
  136.   Like This Like That
  137.   Hard Times
  138.   CPT'z Bac
  139.   Fuc Your Hood
  140.   All for the Money
  141.   Represent Like This featuring DJ Premier
  142.   Ohh Shit by Spice 1
  143.   Still a Menace
  144.   Nobody Beat Us
  145.   Till I Die
  146.   From Yo Hood 2 My Hood
  147.   Strawberriez -N- Cream
  148.   Kind of Pimpish
  149.   Drugs & Killin
  150.   Goin' Out Like Geez
  151.   2 Tha Westside (Endolude)
  152.   Flatline
  153.   CPT MF'z
  154.   Can I Get Mine
  155.   Tha Ghetto
  156.   All Around the Hood
  157.   What the Fuc U Want Me to Do
  158.   New SH.. True SH..
  159.   Endoness
  160.   My Life
  161.   Gangsta Gangsta by Kurupt
  162.   Must Be Murder
  163.   Lunatic
  164.   2 Freak E
  165.   All I Know
  166.   We Heated
  167.   Holla
  168.   Nothing to Loose
  169.   Last Ones Left by Compton's Most Wanted
  170.   We Get It
  171.   Sittin' Around Smokin'
  172.   When You Hear the Shots by Brotha Lynch Hung
  173.   Pink Is 4 Honeys
  174.   Gangsta
  175.   Tha Hood Is Mine
  176.   As I Proceed
  177.   Niggaz Like Us featuring Bun B
  178.   I'm a G
  179.   Come Ride With Me
  180.   They Just Don't Know
  181.   L.A. Heat by Bad Azz
  182.   Just Another Day featuring Big Hutch
  183.   Living in the Fast Lane featuring Big Hutch
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