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From early Berlin techno and house through progressive trance, producer/DJ Paul van Dyk has soundtracked the German electronic dance scene ever since he moved to the city and began mixing in 1988. A native of a German town near Frankfurt, van Dyk first heard house music on the radio during the mid-'80s. Soon he was experimenting with a rudimentary turntable setup, and after hitting Berlin, he gigged around the city. By 1991, he had appeared at the legendary Tresor club; he later set up his own E-Werk club, and debuted on record as Visions of Shiva, with fellow trance wizard Cosmic Baby. He remixed for New Order, Humate, Sven Väth, and others, then signed to the German MFS Records for his first album, 1994's 45 RPM. By the midpoint of the '90s, van Dyk had become a globe-trotting DJ and remixer. His second album, Seven Ways, resulted in British and German dance chart entries for the singles "Beautiful Place," "Forbidden Fruit," and "Words." While both of his albums were issued in America during 1998, van Dyk added a remix collection (Perspective) and mix album (Vorsprung Dyk Technik) to his discography. The year 2000 saw the release of the single "Tell Me Why (The Riddle)," the album Out There and Back, and the EP We Are Alive. As a follow-up to global club dates in support of those releases, van Dyk released another EP, Columbia, in mid-2001. After a relatively quiet 2002 (on the recording front), van Dyk returned with a mix-album/greatest-hits/DVD (Global), the soundtrack to a film (Zurdo), and a new production album (Reflections). He released the second volume of his Politics of Dancing mix album series in 2005 and returned with another studio album, In Between, in 2007. The remix effort Hands on in Between followed a year later, and live DJ gigs, remix work for others, and his own mix albums kept Van Dyk from releasing a studio effort for the next four years. He returned in 2012 with album Evolution, along with the single "Eternity" featuring Owl City frontman Adam Young. A year later he issued the (R)evolution: The Remixes collection, while 2015 saw his long-running mix series becoming a trilogy with the release of The Politics of Dancing, Vol. 3. After issuing the collaborative Berlinition with Chris Bekker and Chris Montana in 2016, van Dyk released the single "I Am Alive" from From Then On, which arrived in late 2017. ~ John Bush
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Tell Me Why (The Riddle)
  3.   White Lies
  4.   For an Angel
  5.   Another Way
  6.   Louder featuring Daphne Khoo
  7.   For You
  8.   Lights
  9.   In Your Arms by Giuseppe Ottaviani
  10.   Let Go
  11.   Forbidden Fruit
  12.   New York City
  13.   Spooky by New Order
  14.   Today
  15.   Guardian by Aly & Fila
  16.   Eternity (Alternative Radio Remix) by Adam Young
  17.   Vega
  18.   We Are Alive
  19.   I Don't Deserve You by Plumb
  20.   Nothing But You
  21.   In Between
  22.   Words
  23.   Around the Garden by Mino Safy
  24.   Time of Our Lives
  25.   For An Angel
  26.   The Ocean
  27.   City of Sound by Jordan Suckley
  28.   Crush
  29.   The Other Side featuring Armin van Buuren
  30.   For an Angel '09
  31.   My World
  32.   Vonyc Sessions 2012 Presented By Paul van Dyk
  33.   Touched by Heaven
  34.   The Code
  35.   All the Way featuring Fisher
  36.   Dae Yor
  37.   Rock This
  38.   Buenaventura
  39.   Rendezvous
  40.   Different Journey to Vega
  41.   People
  42.   Together We Will Conquer
  43.   Come (And Get It)
  44.   In Circles by Alex M.O.R.P.H.
  45.   Emergency
  46.   Im Leben bleiben
  47.   Intro: Building The Dream
  48.   Lost Angels
  49.   Music Rescues Me
  50.   VONYC Sessions 2010 Presented By Paul van Dyk
  51.   Only In a Dream featuring Adham Ashraf
  52.   Come With Me (We Are One) by Ummet Ozcan
  53.   What We're Livin For by Michael Tsukerman
  54.   My World featuring FKN
  55.   Gimme More
  56.   Louder
  57.   Guardian
  58.   Come With Me (We Are One) by Ummet Ozcan
  59.   In Your Arms featuring Fisher
  60.   What We're Livin For featuring Michael Tsukerman
  61.   The Politics Of Dancing 3
  62.   Follow Me
  63.   Heart Like an Ocean by Mark Eteson
  64.   Only In a Dream
  65.   Something To Say featuring Shannon Hurt
  66.   Heart Stops Beating by Sarah Howells
  67.   Everywhere
  68.   Lost in Berlin by Michelle Leonard
  69.   If You Want My Love by Caligola
  70.   The Sun After Heartbreak featuring Arty
  71.   Verano by Austin Leeds
  72.   Symmetries by Austin Leeds
  73.   We Come Together by Sue McLaren
  74.   No Regrets
  75.   We Are One by Johnny McDaid
  76.   Still Alive
  77.   Poor Choice of Words (Batman Theme)
  78.   Bring My Family Back
  79.   Pictures
  80.   Taking the Long Way
  81.   World in My Eyes
  82.   Big Bang
  83.   Let Go
  84.   La Dolce Vita
  85.   Castaway
  86.   Détournement
  87.   Stormy Skies
  88.   Talk in Grey
  89.   Another Sunday
  90.   Far Away
  91.   Get Back
  92.   Complicated
  93.   Haunted
  94.   Another Way/Avenue
  95.   1998
  96.   Connected
  97.   That's Life
  98.   Knowledge
  99.   Homage
  100.   Reflections
  101.   Like a Friend
  102.   Animacion
  103.   Love Stimulation
  104.   Elevation by U2 Tribute Band
  105.   Out There
  106.   I Can't Feel It
  107.   The Greatness of Britain
  108.   I Like It
  109.   Home
  110.   For an Angel '98
  111.   Namistai
  112.   All I Need
  113.   Santos
  114.   Out There and Back
  115.   Columbia
  116.   Face to Face
  117.   Traveling
  118.   Pikes
  119.   Beautiful Place
  120.   Play With the Voice
  121.   Oohhh Baby
  122.   Voices in Harmony
  123.   Avenue
  124.   A World Full of DJ's
  125.   Rushin' (Revolutions Per Minute)
  126.   Spannung (Tension)
  127.   45rpm
  128.   I'm Comin' (To Take You Away)
  129.   Introjection
  130.   Seven Ways
  131.   A Magical Moment
  132.   Step Right On
  133.   Kaleidoscope
  134.   Movement
  135.   Ejeculoutro
  136.   Voyager
  137.   I Am Alive
  138.   Louder by Roger Shah
  139.   Love Is by Las Salinas
  140.   Love is featuring Betsie Larkin
  141.   We Are Tonight by Christian Burns
  142.   A Wonderful Day by Giuseppe Ottaviani
  143.   Hours
  144.   Torn
  145.   Sabotage
  146.   Never Forget
  147.   Sundae 6 A.M. 10:54
  148.   Heaven
  149.   Love from Above
  150.   City of Sound by Jordan Suckley
  151.   Heart Like an Ocean featuring Mark Eteson
  152.   Spellbound
  153.   Fall with Me
  154.   Around the Garden by Mino Safy
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