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Head of the Diamond Lane Music Group, West Coast rapper Problem went from the mixtape underground to radio mix show favorite with his 2013 hit "Like Whaaat." Born Jason Martin in Germany but raised in Compton, Problem took his name from sports, giving other players "problems" on the basketball court. When it came to music, he got his start behind the scenes, writing music for and with Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Terrace Martin, and DJ Quik beginning in 2007. A year later he formed Diamond Lane Music and signed with a major as the title to that year's mixtape, Deal or No Deal 2: Universal Cut the Check, suggested, but two singles later, he was off the label and back on his own. Work with Snoop, Wiz Khalifa, Iggy Azalea, Freddie Gibbs, and others bridged the years until 2012, when his appearance on E-40's hit single "Function" introduced him to the mainstream and drove new fans to that year's mixtapes, Welcome to Mollywood, Pts. 1-2. The year 2013 kicked off with a flurry of activity as three Problem mixtapes -- Million Dollar Afro, Ain't Nobody Hotter Than Me, and The Separation -- all landed before July, but the last one featured "Like Whaaat," a street single that grew into a viral hit. The track got an official release when Problem's debut EP, Understand Me, appeared on Diamond Lane before the end of 2013. A third entry in the Mollywood series arrived in 2015. The Relapse included over 40 tracks across two discs and appearances by Lil Jon, Iamsu!, Omarion, Stoney tha Dealer, and Bad Lucc. Hotels 2: The Master Suite followed in 2016. The mixtape featured Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, and Kevin McCall. In 2017, Problem issued a slew of releases, starting with the Rosecrans EP, a collaborative effort with DJ Quik. The MC then released the self-produced mixtape Chachiville before unveiling his official studio full-length debut, Selfish, which featured appearances by Nipsey Hussle, Iamsu, Ne-Yo, and Bad Lucc. ~ David Jeffries
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Like Whaaat
  3.   Like Whaaat featuring Chris Brown
  4.   This Is Your Moment featuring Buddy
  5.   Take It Off One Time featuring Bad Lucc
  6.   Top Off
  7.   Roll Up by T.I.
  8.   Bedroom Bully
  9.   Good Pussy
  10.   Double Dip (Explicit)
  11.   Say That Then by Glasses Malone
  12.   T.O. by Skeme
  13.   Drop That
  14.   Again by Ne-Yo
  15.   Deaf Ears
  16.   Her & Him (Interlude)
  17.   Straight to the City With It by DJ Quik
  18.   Representer
  19.   Show Off
  20.   I'm the Best
  21.   Wild Nights
  22.   Stressin
  23.   8 Feet Tall
  24.   Ain't Like You
  25.   Play
  26.   Betta Watch Yo Self
  27.   I Just Wanna Be Loved
  28.   Cali Girls Love Trap Music
  29.   Lovin You Right
  30.   #FindYouAMirror
  31.   Big Boss Daddy by Bad Lucc
  32.   Swiglude
  33.   Do It by Tyga
  34.   On Deck
  35.   Perfect by Show Banga
  36.   Take Ya Tights Off
  37.   Welcome Back
  38.   Mollywood (Interlude)
  39.   Welcome
  40.   Twerk by Bad Lucc
  41.   Understand Me
  42.   Diamond Lane America Hoe
  43.   Stashspot by Baddlucc
  44.   Breeze Thru the Game
  45.   Go
  46.   (Bonus Track) Stay Up by Bad Lucc
  47.   Talk My Shit
  48.   Outro
  49.   A New Nite/Rosecrans Groove featuring DJ Quik
  50.   Put It Down
  51.   Best Pu$$y
  52.   I Am It
  53.   Squad Up Drop
  54.   Climax
  55.   Team Up
  56.   Pop Back (Na Na Na)
  57.   Waist My Time
  58.   Round 2 (Intro)
  59.   Thangs by Wiz Khalifa
  60.   About That Time
  61.   Both Right
  62.   Ghost of Rosecrans
  63.   354
  64.   Get on It by Bad Lucc
  65.   All Year
  66.   Don't Want No Smoke
  67.   Don't Belong to You
  68.   Ain't Fuh Me (Prelude)
  69.   Keep On Pushin'
  70.   Did It for the Culture
  71.   Melrose by Uncle Chuck
  72.   Moneeey
  73.   Lightwork
  74.   Fuckin Money
  75.   Heartbreak Hotel (On God)
  76.   Pimpin' Ain't Easy by TeeFLii
  77.   Let Me Know
  78.   How You Wanna Do It
  79.   She Like That
  80.   My Squad
  81.   Spend the Night by Bryan Johnson
  82.   You Are Everything by DJ Quik
  83.   50 Shades of Grey
  84.   Everybody Know
  85.   Take Me Away
  86.   Decision
  87.   Thuggin In My Yesterdays by Bad Lucc
  88.   Y'all Can't Tell Me This Ain't Right
  89.   Enemy by Bad Lucc
  90.   Feedback by Bad Lucc
  91.   Sh*t Be Happenin
  92.   Servin
  93.   The Re-Arrival
  94.   (Bonus Track) Andale by Lil Jon
  95.   All She Say Is
  96.   Barbershop
  97.   Repo Man by Bad Lucc
  98.   Last Love
  99.   The Swigtape Intro
  100.   Make It Happen by Iamsu
  101.   Made A Mil Before The Summer by Bad Lucc
  102.   Get Naked
  103.   Lay Your Head Back by Chris Brown
  104.   The Separation
  105.   The Departure II
  106.   D.R.U.G.S by Clyde Carson
  107.   D2B by Bad Lucc
  108.   Crazy by HBK Gang
  109.   Mo
  110.   Gotta Get It
  111.   The Arrival II
  112.   The Departure (Outro)
  113.   T.O. by Skeme
  114.   iPhones & Bad Bitches
  115.   Bad Azz by Show Banga
  116.   Rollin by Bad Lucc
  117.   Tank Top, Boy Shorts, High Ponytails
  118.   Flipper
  119.   I.M.O.N.
  120.   La La La
  121.   My Ex
  122.   Potion
  123.   Hotels (Intro)
  124.   Say That Then by Glasses Malone
  125.   Whereva U Like
  126.   I'm Toe Up
  127.   Mark Breezy Drop
  128.   Female Drop
  129.   Ed Jones...I Run This (Skit)
  130.   Blue T featuring Lil Bam
  131.   Emergencey
  132.   Freestyle
  133.   F@#k Em Up